pc not working

  1. C

    Recovery: System file registry missing or corrupted

    Hi there, I'm using a HP Stream 13, "Reset my PC" button doesn't work, and I have no old system saves. I do not have access to another computer, just my Galaxy S10 and a USB drive (I also have a USB-USB-C adapter so I can use the USB with my phone). Please help. I do not mind losing all my...
  2. CottonCandyCat

    my PC isn't working

    Hi there! So I recently bought myself a gaming PC (Hyrican Striker 5845 Blue) and monitor (BENQ EW277HDR). I had to buy a DVI to HDMI adapter because the PC didn't have a HDMI plug. When I start up the PC this happens: I see the Hyrican logo, the spinning loading icon under the logo and then...
  3. A

    My newly built PC has stopped working - please help!

    Setup Processor: Intel Core i5-6500 3.20GHz (Skylake) Socket LGA1151 Processor PSU: Corsair CXM750 ATX/EPS Semi-Modular 80 PLUS Bronze Power Supply Unit, 750 W Motherboard: GIGABYTE Z170-HD3 RAM: 2x4GB 2133MHz Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4 Memory Storage: 250GB Samsung EVO 850 SSD and a 500GB HDD...
  4. N

    Computer not starting

    Hey there Last night I was playing games with my friends and then we all got a bit tired and we all went of and got to bed. I however woke up and started up my computer and it's starting up and I can plug in my phone and actually charge it so it's working but something's wrong because my...