pc parts

  1. M

    My pc gets crazy slow very fast

    So i have a problem with my pc. Every time i open my pc and after a cupple minutes my pc gets very very slow. When i play games, my pc just gets slower and laggyer even more and faster. I am talking like from 200 fps to 5-1 fps on Overwatch. I feel like it is my pc getting old. I have gotten...
  2. J

    Unusual fps stuttering and drops

    I really hope that I can find a solution to something that no one anywhere else online has been able to help me with. This is going to be a long thread so here we go. I have a -gtx 1080, -I7 4790 clocked at 3.6ghz , -8gb of ddr3 ram, -msi z97 gaming motherboard, -HDD for my OS which is a...
  3. Gerrod

    Using existing parts for upgrade

    Hello i make music on my PC using NI Maschine and FL Studio on the NI forms i was told that the CPU issues Ive been having in Maschine (A drum maschine sampler) must be do to the fact i have a dual core and a quad core motherboard is needed I have 16 gigs of ram so i shouldn't be having a CPU...