pc perfoemance

  1. J

    Unusual fps stuttering and drops

    I really hope that I can find a solution to something that no one anywhere else online has been able to help me with. This is going to be a long thread so here we go. I have a -gtx 1080, -I7 4790 clocked at 3.6ghz , -8gb of ddr3 ram, -msi z97 gaming motherboard, -HDD for my OS which is a...
  2. Vansanity91

    Solved New to PC gaming and I have some Questions

    These are probably stupid, But answer as many as you can! I'd really appreciate it! 1. I Have Nvidia graphics card, Should I always download and install the latest version of the drivers? I See people saying it could cause issues, Yes I made a restore point just in case. 2. Is there anything I...
  3. I

    Solved pc build

    so i was trying to build a pc for the first time on a budget and i wanted to see if there were any flaws to my design and if i need this cooler with the build. The build and cooler are below. cooler...
  4. N

    PC slowed down after upgrading to Windows 10

    Background: I had posted a thread regarding slow PC performance after upgrading to windows 10. Ramon, Wayne and davehc gave some tips and asked me to try a chorme uninstall. I had difficulties doing that at that time, since I needed the auto-fill and password stores. I uninstalled today and...