pc problem

  1. Irlyneedhelp

    Pc crashes on high fps

    when i play games on higher fps pc chrashes, screen on monitor becomes coloured (sometimes green,purple or just blank screen) and i hear fans or something a little bit luder (zzzzzzz) and it dont stop until i completly shut down pc, i dont hear any sound or anything from game i played so its...
  2. M

    My pc gets crazy slow very fast

    So i have a problem with my pc. Every time i open my pc and after a cupple minutes my pc gets very very slow. When i play games, my pc just gets slower and laggyer even more and faster. I am talking like from 200 fps to 5-1 fps on Overwatch. I feel like it is my pc getting old. I have gotten...
  3. T


    Hello sir my pc is hanging a lot
  4. M

    Solved Need help to get BIOS Back and doing Windows 10-B350 Pc mate

    hi, I recently just built my PC (Ryzen 5 1500x, msi B350m Pc mate, ballistix sport 8gb). Earlier today i got the bios menu working (i had to unplug the hard drive to get it on the menu because it would not boot up) and downloaded windows 10 on my flash drive on a different computer. I plugged it...
  5. T

    Solved Cant get Desktop on PC

    When I turned on my PC it said it had updates to do and it would take a few minutes. This message repeated for over an hour. In the end I removed the battery and restarted the PC. However I got a message on Screen saying that the location cannot be found. I turned it off again and tried turning...
  6. E

    New Someone messing with my pc!

    Someone is definitely mess up my pc.. When i search for something in google, there is always 4 or more new result in the top page. For example, usually when people type blender and search it on google, the top most result will be the 3d editing program blender. But for me, there is 4 new result...
  7. P

    In Progress Problem Using Internet

    Hello. I am in the UK. I had the internet on my home PC until 2 years ago. Then I did not have the internet for 2 years. Now I have internet again. I have a data dongle with Vodaphone now. I have been trying to use the internet today, but I have encountered a problem. Whenever I try to go on a...
  8. K

    Windows 10 urgent help

    Hey Guys! I'm writing here because I urgently need help with my computer, I will paste the specs of my PC down below for you guys. The problems are the following: Taskbar is unresponsive except right click as well as clicking on pinned programs. Can't create new user or administrator...
  9. C

    does a dvd rom asus quietrack can be used for gaming?

    My desktop pc is an old one and the original dvd player mulrti recorder broke down..so above the broken dvd player on the desktop i installed the asus quietrack but i don't know if i can use it for gaming...i mean will this dvd rom recognise the games?
  10. T

    Need help with graphics shading

    I have a minor issue where it seems that the shading on certain programs appears as horizontal bars instead of a nice gradient blend. It isn't monitor specific as it looks the same way on both of my monitors and I have no problem with the graphics card's performance or texture shading in...
  11. C

    Using Xbox One Controller on PC

    I want to use my XB1 controlled on my laptop but it hasn't been working. I use Windows 7 Professional and apparently it should support it. I use a micro usb to connect it but the computer can't find the driver. I tried following the instructions on Microsofts website to install the driver I need...
  12. J

    PC problems

    Things i've tried to fix my PC: I SHOULD ADD EVERYTHING WAS PURCHASED IN THE LAST 2 WEEKS. ALL MY PARTS ARE BRAND NEW. EVEN THE CASE. Tested with Nvidia Control Panel options Turned power options in windows to high performance Tested in different rooms in my house Bought a UPS Tested on...
  13. O

    PC Freezes

    I recently just built my gaming PC with my friends. After installing Windows 10, I put the motherboard disk in to install the drivers and utilities. But none of the Drivers/utilities showed up. I later installed my graphics card driver and processor. But my computer freezes randomly when I play...
  14. G

    Need advice.

    Hi everyone. Ok so my keyboard and mouse will not power on anymore. They were working just fine for a few weeks until I restarted my pc after blizzard desktop app didn't start properly. Both pc and mouse are wired. I tried restarting the pc with both unplugged to no effect. I also tried...
  15. Ambrose0

    Solved Screen enlarged, not a resolution problem

    Hello, I'm using a windows 10 PC connected to a small TV as a monitor. My resolution has always stayed the same, but when I used my computer today, everything was bigger. When I open Google Chrome, I can't see the tabs bar at the top. That's how much I cannot see. I tried to change my resolution...
  16. T

    Advise for Upgrading my PC for new High-End games!

    Hello everyone. I have been experiencing FPS drops, lags, freezes and random crashes in my PC while playing the new high end games such as Assassin's Creed Syndicate, FIFA 16, etc. even while running them on the "Lowest" graphics settings. So I searched on the net and found out that it has to do...
  17. D

    Solved Pc won't display and gpu fans stop spinning

    I currently have windows 8.1 pc that I built my self, but when I upgraded the heatsink for overclocking, I think that I dropped my screwdriver on the motherboard. Now when I power it up, all the fans run, but the gpu fans stop after 30 seconds, and there is no display on the monitor. This was...