pc problems

  1. filipkiss

    Games randomly shuts down without error message

    As of right now most of my games just shuts down randomly without any error message. SFC/scannow shows zero problems but there is some, i cant use windows search bar and sometimes my pc just dies. I have tried DISM.exe and also there it shows nothing. I dont know what is wrong. Specs...
  2. R

    Computer hardware problem?

    Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit, Build 18362, Installed 20190818232216.000000-480 Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Eight-Core Processor, AMD64 Family 23 Model 1 Stepping 1, CPU Count: 12 Total Physical RAM: 16 GB Graphics Card: NVIDIA...
  3. M

    Building a PC but RAM isn't working

    Hey I’m building a computer and it keeps saying... well a red light saying my ram isn’t ‘working’ or more so has a problem with it. Please help
  4. D

    pc wont turn on no matter what I try

    long story short, i just built a new computer and I know its set up right i cant find anything wrong or lose or plugged in the wrong place. Ive been at this for days and no one can help me please just help. RYZEN 7 2700X processer B450 TOMAHAWK motherboard...
  5. Z

    Not Optimum mode Recommend 1920x1080 60hz

    So for the past few days i have been getting this pop up saying "Not Optimum mode Recommend 1920x1080 60 hz" every time i try to load up pubg or fortnite and i have to restart my computer every time it happens. My display and everything is already set at 1920x1080p 60hz so i am clueless Tech...
  6. A

    Help my pc turns on but no display

    Please help me my computer turns on but no display.. The fans work and every thing but does not display in my monitor also i notice that when try to plug my mouse to a usb port their's no power but everything else works can somebody help troubleshoot :(
  7. Genterible

    Screen goes black after a few minutes of using computer.

    Hi I noticed that my downloads speeds were abysmal and that the problem was that my hard drive was running at 1% to 2% while in a download. This meant that I was getting 1.1 mg/s download speed. So I changed the sata cable connected to the hard drive and change it to the first port in the...
  8. M

    Newbie needs help

    (Im not a native english speaker so dont look at my grammar too much thx xD) Hello, After researching for many hours on the web i came to the conclusion: I have no idea what the problem is and no one can help me. Im not a computer expert, but ill try to post my specs here: graphics card ...