pc randomly shuts off

  1. R

    pc turns of after few seconds or minutes

    i have a problem that my PC is turning of after few seconds from pressing the power switch it turns off before the windows log in screen, i found that the power supply fan is not working so i replaced it, after i replaced it the PC log on to windows screen normally and desktop a peers normal...
  2. S

    PC crashes and the monitor has vertical lines

    Intel I5 4460 Haswell 3.2GHZ Processor Asrock B85 Pro4 Seagate Barracuda 1 Gb Samsung EVO 120 Gb Corsair CX Series 500 Watt Asus R9 280x TOP OC Crucial Ballistics 8 Gb ram Win 10 When I play Demanding games for a while I occasionally get a crash where my monitor will go blank with some gray...
  3. l8oss

    PC Shuts off Randomly PLEASE HELP ME

    I have a PC that I have been trying to fix for 2 years I BEG FOR HELP here are the specs MOBO Asus ROG Maximus III Formula https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/MAXIMUS_III_FORMULA/ CPU I7 860 GPU AMD 6900 SERIES RAM 4GB of Patriot Sector 5 ddr 3 1333 Okay so the issue is the PC will shut off...