pc restarts

  1. 4ng13

    PC restarts randomly and without warning

    So I built a PC around a month ago, I'll leave my specs below. The procedure went well and it was working great until recently. Without warning, the pc would restart (the windows restart screen wouldn't even show, it would just shut down) and sometimes when I resume work, I'd notice some...
  2. Y

    Solved PC Crashing Randomly

    This all started happening after I installed an SSD. It was a Samsung Evo 850. It sometimes happens when I'm just using my computer, on youtube. It usually happens while I'm playing games, like fortnite or paladins. I feel its an overheating issue. The fans speed up tremendously when it turns...
  3. M

    Monitor no signal and PC restarts when 5 minutes ingame

    Hey, For about 2 weeks now ive recently encountered problem with my PC or so i think, Basically whats been happening is that when i go in game mainly league of legends for about 5 mins ingame my monitor receives no signal, keyboard and mouse power stops and then my PC restarts and monitor...