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    Resetting pc problems

    I decided to reset my pc and after a while it gave me an error saying “the computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error windows 10” so I looked it up on YouTube and resolved it by going into childcompletion folder and putting the number 3. After that my pc began rebooting...
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    Solved Which motherboard should I buy?

    Hi Right now I'm looking for a good motherboard for gaming under 180$. There is so many choices and I don't know what's good or bad. It needs to be 8th gen cpu compatible and DDR4ram compatible. Thanks
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    I need help! Games are crashing my PC!

    (Before you read to much i put my PC specs at the end of this post.) The problem i am having all started when the game Rocket League updated through steam a new patch. It updated to v1.11. Ever since then when i try to run the game it starts to load and when the splash screen my PC completely...
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    Reboot loop... PLEASE HELP

    So today I decided my PC was running to slow and I had to much trash on my PC. Gave me the idea to start over and only install the programs in currently using and so forth and yada yada. I reset it with the built in Windows 10 tool. I wanted everything gone so J choose that option and I choose...