1. bushidobrown2195

    Please help first time PC builder

    So I recently built a PC everything was working fine and then boom its shut off. I had just finished installing the Windows 10 pro when I was about to finish creating my profile when the computer settings just cut off. When I went to boot it back up the PC lights would come on but the PC would...
  2. B

    I need help with RTX 2060 Super

    I am buying a PC from HP. I went to the website and selected the parts they are going to build. I picked out the 2060 super and the PSU only went to 400w. Will that be enough or would i have to upgrade. I don’t know anything about PC
  3. RainyBleu

    Need Help Building First PC

    This is my very first PC build and I’m having some complications. There’s no YouTube videos that thoroughly show me where to place my F panel cord into my motherboard and the directions weren’t that much help . I have a NZXT H510 case with a ASRock B450M Steel legend motherboard. I know the area...
  4. S

    I need help finding the problem with my computer

    Hello everyone. I am having trouble with my pc that runs windows 10. Recently the pc would react to vibrations and the screen would shut off and my pc would become loud. I would just reset the computer and go back to playing games. One day all of a sudden the process happened. Now I can turn on...
  5. Shaan2k

    Proper Spec Search

    Hello, I’m looking into a list of a few low cost computers. I was wondering if anywho who is knowledgeable on specs could help me out on selecting the right pc/laptop for creative cloud products. Thank you
  6. Nabil23

    Solved My pc crashed 1 minute after I turned it on

    I installed avg antivirus from filehippo.com then i setup it after that my pc crashed i could do nothing i cant even shut it down then i turned it off from the power button and returned it on when it turned on it was normal but after 1 minute the same crash happened and i tried the same thing it...
  7. Snowyy

    GPU Not Working

    So, my pc turns of perfectly fine but I don’t hear a post beep. It stays on until I turn it off. I’m not getting any gpu input to my monitor or anything. I have tried removing the lithium battery for 5 mins, taking out and testing the ram individually, tried multiple monitors and multiple hdmi...
  8. P

    I’m having trouble displaying my PC to monitor

    I’ve had my PC for about 8-9 months now. Specs: Ryzen 5 2600, RX-580, ASUS B450 Prime Mobo, 2x8 Ram, 600w PSU Yesterday night, after playing with some friends i put my PC on sleep mode after a few hours away from it, i turned it on but didn’t receive any display. I watch a couple of Youtube...
  9. jmehdv2

    I don't have BIOS

    Guys, I literally don't have bios anymore, I straight tried everything, I need it to enable Intel VT for the VM-ware that runs Kali-Linux because if I use any old VM-ware it will be slow as hell and I already have a potato for a laptop (Lenovo G580).
  10. Gavin1020

    No Display!

    Hi, so i just built my own gaming pc and when i turn it on everything is working just perfect, but when i connected my monitor nothing displayed and i made sure everything was working with the monitor and i even hooked it up to my tv and still nothing. My specs are, ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING...
  11. PabloHenrique

    Custom PC Not Booting Up

    Hey guys I don’t know if I’m posting this in the right thread but I’m having trouble building my pc. I built it but it doesn’t wanna boot up. The LED on the motherboards light up but nothing else turns on. Could anyone help me please????
  12. S

    Booting up new PC

    I am going to build my first PC, and I have done my research and found my parts. Now I did research on what to do once I built my PC, but I am a little confused as I am a newbie. So is this correct: Once my PC is built, I will input a usb with a copy of windows in it. Then I turn on the PC, and...
  13. S

    Hard drive question

    I am going to build a new PC, and I was wondering if I can use my old harddrive from my old PC and use it in my new PC build. It still has space in it. Should I do that or get a new harddrive? Will there be compatibility issues or any problems if I use my old harddrive?
  14. S

    Resetting pc problems

    I decided to reset my pc and after a while it gave me an error saying “the computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error windows 10” so I looked it up on YouTube and resolved it by going into childcompletion folder and putting the number 3. After that my pc began rebooting...
  15. L

    Solved Which motherboard should I buy?

    Hi Right now I'm looking for a good motherboard for gaming under 180$. There is so many choices and I don't know what's good or bad. It needs to be 8th gen cpu compatible and DDR4ram compatible. Thanks
  16. F

    I need help! Games are crashing my PC!

    (Before you read to much i put my PC specs at the end of this post.) The problem i am having all started when the game Rocket League updated through steam a new patch. It updated to v1.11. Ever since then when i try to run the game it starts to load and when the splash screen my PC completely...
  17. G

    Reboot loop... PLEASE HELP

    So today I decided my PC was running to slow and I had to much trash on my PC. Gave me the idea to start over and only install the programs in currently using and so forth and yada yada. I reset it with the built in Windows 10 tool. I wanted everything gone so J choose that option and I choose...