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    PC won't start when PCI card (TL-WDN4800) installed

    When I try to boot it up with the card installed, I get nothing, maybe a little twitch of the fans if I'm lucky. But after taking it out, my computer works fine again. I googled it and it said to install the drivers first, however the website and the CD both won't let me do it if the card...
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    Solved Slipstreaming Manufacturer XP disc

    My Dell PC's integrated hard drive controller recently failed, so I added a PCI VIA IDE/RAID card. I have modified the BIOS on the motherboard to recognize the card as originally these are not bootable. However, in NT-based OS's I need to install a SCSI/RAID type driver for Windows to install...
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    Graphics Cards Compatible With 220W PS's

    Hi! I am looking for graphics cards that don't require 400W power supplies. I don't thing the average card uses all the 400W of power, but what is a good PS for graphics cards? I am setting up external graphics with a PCI-e to x16 PCI adapter that offers 8 pin power connector. You can find it...
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    Solved HP Pavilion 8750 - Internet Connection Options?

    First, thanks for this site. Have an old, well-cared-for HP Pavilion 8750 and wondering if there is a wireless or Ethernet card that is compatible? I use this to run a 1999 vintage lasercutter and thinking I need to replace the HD but unsure how/where to locate the laser driver files. (Have...