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    Home build gaming PC -screens of death + game crashes

    Sounds like my PC is totally non functioning but it is! I really need your help figuring out the problem. I built it 3 years ago with Radeon HD 7970 GPU - always had problems with intermittent game crashes and browsers closing down when surfing the net etc. Thought it was the GPU, got in...
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    PSU? Is my PSU not feeding enough power for the PCIex slots?

    Hey dudes, came here to get some assistance! Here's my situation! I've tried 3 different GPUs (Sapph VaporX HD5770, GTX 660ti, some oldGeForce card) on 2 different MOBOSs (Z97 & 990FXA Giga) on 1 500w Antec PSU . Both mobos at 1 ram stick etc. updated BIOS. Both are currently breadboarded. For...