1. D

    Firefox prints free text fields huge version 81.0.1 (32-bit)

    I need to print a document to pdf, as the save-as pdf version does not display correctly in the database we use. Up until very recently, Firefox would print to pdf without issue, but starting a few days ago, the text in the free-text fields has been printing huge. In the attached image, I have...
  2. B

    How do I protect a PDF?

    How can I encrypt and password protect a scanned PDF so I can send it to someone without requiring him to install any programs? We're both Windows 10. I know that Adobe can do this but you have to pay through the nose. Any other suggestions? Thanks.
  3. D

    PDF printer and warning

    Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7400 CPU @ 3.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 158 Stepping 9 Processor Count: 4 RAM: 12196 Mb Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 630, 1024 Mb Hard Drives: C: 918 GB...
  4. D

    Solved Can't open pdf link in Firefox

    I am using win 10 Pro on a core I7 laptop and using Firefox browser. When I click an online link that should open a pdf file, nothing happens. I have Adobe acrobat set as the default pdf program. On a second laptop(core M7), if I go to the same link, the pdf file opens properly. How do I get...
  5. J

    Indeed wont upload my resume

    Hello! I was wondering if someone could help me. I tried uploading my resume to indeed and it said the file size was too large. So I shrunk it in photoshop, it still wouldn't accept it. So I used a free pdf shrinker website and it says "We could not process your resume." What can I do to fix...
  6. H

    Word to PDF not working

    When I convert my word document to pdf and try to open it, it just says it could not open it as its not a supported document or the file is damaged. What do I need to do to get it to work as the file needs to be in a PDF? Many Thanks Holly
  7. MazenChaanine89

    Compress Images in PDF File

    Hello, I'm trying to compress a previously compressed PDF file. It got down to 4MB but now I want it at 1MB. Any idea how to do that? Thanks!
  8. L

    PDF saving blank

    Recently I've tried to put multiple PDF's together to create one document then clicked 'save as PDF' but when it saves it's only a blank document. Please help! thanks
  9. H

    Solved I can't get Irfanview to read pdf files

    I have installed Ghost and gone to the Irfanview website to get the latest version of Irfanview. I continue to get the same error message no matter what I do. It says: Can't load Ghostscript. If Ghostscript is not installed, please install the 64-bit version. I have. I have go to Irfanview...
  10. C

    Edit an email attachment on Adobe without saving to computer

    I would like to know how to edit PDF email attachments on Acrobat Reader DC (Adobe) and then send the edited PDFs back to the sender without having to save the attachments to my computer and create a whole new email. I have a Windows 7 computer, however I am attempting to do this on my boss'...
  11. M

    Print always take documents folder file path instead of cust

    I am using this to print the existing pdf documents but it is always taking c drive documents folder to create the file not the path given by me. Either I don't know the process or may be some issue in code can some help me to understand this. namespace PrintPdfFile { public class...
  12. N

    Solved PDF document are automatically converting to word

    I am currently studying and I use online training, all my documents are given to me in PDF but they are editable. I have saved these as I complete them but now this computer is changing these PDF documents and automatically converting to word, when this occurs it is removing all my data I had...
  13. B

    Roblox > Asset Downloader > ERROR

    Ok so I've been using this page "https://assetdownloader-roblox.rhcloud.com/" for about a year now, and what i do with this website is copy layer formats on "Roblox.com" -to edit them in my own way in Photoshop. [EXAMPLE] I've created my own tank top, by using a layer format given to me by...
  14. J

    Cannot find .pdf's that were made using PDF printer

    I am the IT guy for a company and I have a user that cannot find an image that she converted to a PDF. So she hits print and uses the PDF printer, then she gets the save as prompt. She renames the file and saved it to Documents. I assumed she saved it to her local documents folder rather than...
  15. M

    Corrupted Files HELP ME!

    Hello, I am in desperate need of help. I am working on excel and I saved my work all directly to a flash drive. Then out of no where the excel file becomes corrupted. I can not open it or anything. I also made a pdf file version of the excel and that is also damaged. I at least need one of them...
  16. H

    Can't print Adobe files that have been email to me in Gmail

    Hello, My printer connection works. I have just printed off several word documents and also adobe reader files that i already had saved in my computers version of adobe - Adobe reader DC. I have been sent two files that seem to open in adobe and be adobe files that i need to print and fill out...
  17. M

    How to export Outlook Email to PDF Adobe

    Hi, I am using Outlook 2013 and have thousands of .msg emails which are important for me. Now I am having requirement to export them into PDF with attachments. I tried to find solution for that but could not get success. Is there any way which can easily export Outlook Email to PDF with...
  18. openreel

    WEB Catalog - Difficult to get full pdf link for fusker link

    The app of the following WEB Catalog (getting very popular in Japan nowadays) just enables you to download single or facing-up pages one by one in PDF (BTW, there are 1050 pages). When downloaded, the file is true PDF with rendered texts, not an image! You gonna see the PDF button just close to...
  19. dcjones

    Real Text Document - Reformatting after upload

    Hi everyone, first time poster here, hoping you guys might be able to shed some light on my issue. Basically, I'm a band leader, and I need to get these chord charts online for my ensemble. Now, on my computer these chords read perfectly, however, when I upload them the chords and the text go...
  20. K

    Run CMD for movinf pdf files to sub folders

    I have some pdf files under the folder all pdf (folder path : C:\Users\Skamalkanth\Desktop\Native Files\General\PDF Files) and I want move all the pdf files in to sub folders created in (C:\Users\Skamalkanth\Desktop\Native Files\General\PDF Files) can anyone please help me to move these files...