1. Amixgir

    Windows 10 Update Complications

    I've recently updated my Asus rog Strix gd703 laptop to the current windows featured update and now all my apps aren't opening unless I right-click to run as admin. " And even some of the other apps aren't opening everything was fine before the update
  2. S

    Solved D:\ Permissions

    Hey there, Today I got fed up with all the errors my computer was having and decided to format C: and re-install windows 10. I left all my files on D:\ alone. I went ahead and updated it and started to install programs I use frequently. I noticed that whenever I copy a file from C:\ to D:\, it...
  3. D

    Outlook 2010 - "Cannot display the folder...."

    Hi, We have an issue with a user regarding their outlook and public folders. They originally had access to their own email address and the company's Finance mailbox, since she has now moved teams, she no longer requires access to the Finance mailbox. Permissions were removed and when this...
  4. G

    No permissions while transferring files via rocketfish

    First off, I tried looking for a thread like this, but I'm not that tech savvy and don't know all the right jargon. Apologies if this has a thread already and if this doesn't make sense. So I recently got a refurbished ThinkPad Lenovo e431 Windows 10. I took out the hard drive from the old...
  5. R

    Can not access media

    May I first say thank you for any assistance you might render. Recently I have been unable to access ANY of my pictures, videos, or music. They are all on a USB 5TB hard drive. Right before the problem started, I attempted to mirror my hard drives (I have Windows 10 Pro) unsuccessfully. In...
  6. D

    Cannot delete game folder no matter what i try

    You need permission from msi\User to delete this folder. I am the admin acount I have full permissions Every possible access listed has full permissions I made an access called "Everyone" gave it full permissions I've restarted Its invincible. i cannot delete this file. no one can. i think...
  7. D

    Users directory permissions / Can't create new profile

    I work in a large company with hundreds of computers. Recently (since July) we've been finding that new users can't log onto some of our 64-bit Windows 7 Enterprise computer for the first time. The security permissions on C:\Users have been changed, removing the usual groups: Authenticated...
  8. A

    App permissions

    I am new to using LG G5 and after almost every app I download,it asks me to allow the app to access media etc.. Then when I allow it it says " screen overlay detected" and instructs me to go to "settings" and change the app preferences but it doesn't work
  9. eddhewett

    Solved Missing files on old HDD

    So I got a new laptop and a week later my old one completely died. Unfortunately as my old laptop would only stay on for 10 minutes at a time and then need a few hours rest (cooling issue I guess) I didnt manage to get all my documents and photos across. No bother I ordered a case for the HDD...
  10. A

    Permissions denied using Bash

    I'm trying to install the Django Web Framework for Python using Bash (a Linux style command line), but when I use Bash to navigate to the empty directory that I want to install it in (C/Program Files/Django), it isn't able to do anything because permission is denied. However, I've already set...
  11. H

    Unable to change permissions?

    I'm trying to delete my old Jade Empire files so I can reinstall (Steam already uninstalled it, but I don't want duplicate files). I cannot delete the Jade Empire folder under "steamapps->common," though, because I don't have the permissions to do so (even though I'm the only user on my pc)...
  12. Y

    Who has viewed my Outlook calendar

    Is it possible to tell who has been viewing my Outlook calendar?
  13. M

    Solved Word 2003 file permission error when saving to network

    Hello, I am running a smallish network/domain - with workstations running win 7 pro and Office 2003. The server is running SBS 2011. All PCS have AVG installed. The problem occurs intermittently (as far as I can tell, but it might be happening more often than I think - but we just aren't doing...
  14. M

    Solved could not create key, when installing a program

    Hello, im new to this site, and this problem is the reasson why i signed up. Recently, ive been trying to install ableton live 9 (an app for creating music, beats, etc) I always end up on this error: ''Could not create key...
  15. D

    Moving external hard drive to new computer - Windows 7

    I have an external USB hard drive with all my music on it. I recently moved to a new(er) computer. Now I cannot play any files. I get an errpr message: "You do not have permission to open this file." The security settings for the file give full control to "Administrators...
  16. L

    New Hackers accessing my keyboard

    Hi, My jealous ex's brother was a computer expert and since we split up I have had my keyboard hacked. I will be typing and letters will appear that I have not pressed. For example I can write the word 'lane' but 'lanne' will appear. Other keys are also being pressed when I am nowhere near...