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    Case Fans Needed

    hello, I am looking for PC case fans specifically 120mm and my budget is 150$ if you could recommend some of these fans that would be great i also need 9 of these fans...but also don't wanna spend more money on PC fans then my PC costs itself thank you and have a good day!
  2. Z

    Best way to hook up old HDs to a PC

    Can someone give advice on the best way to hook up some old PC Hard Drives to a PC? I found four old HD's in a drawer and I would like to see if there is anything on them. Three have the old type of pin connector and one a SATA connector. I am running Windows Ten Pro 64. I was thinking of a...
  3. B

    Computer "starting" but not booting

    As the title says, I press start on my PC and at first it seems to be doing its job. But nothing happens! My tech expertise only covers plugging in and out the displays and making sure that they are fit for action, and again, they seem to be prepared to be doing their jobs. In detail: 1. Press...
  4. N

    Unlisted Storage Usage

    So I recently obtained a PC from one of my friends it was his old one and he decided to upgrade neither of us know too much about PC's which is I suppose why I am here. Now the computer has 900GBs of storage yet somehow 700GBs are used up in Temporary files and keep in mind I've only used this...
  5. H

    My CPU has begun to get really hot

    Just a few days ago I began to experience a distinct drop in my computers peformance, and I could see that my CPU has indeed started to get really hot recently, however all my fans are working and i cleaned my computer not even a full month ago. Speccy snapshot attached as .txt. Thank you
  6. L

    Computer's Wi-Fi Not Working

    First off, some details. My computer is an iBuyPower i-Series, though I'm unsure of the exact model. For the last half a year that I've owned this PC, the wireless networking capabilities have never been an issue, save for a slow connection or two, until this morning. When I turned on the...