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    Philips dvd dcp750 sd/mmc card error

    hello, i bought a secondhand portable dvd player last week. it's philips dvd dcp750/12. the seller told me it works perfectly fine and showed me videos of dvd player while working. but when i tried to use my sd cards with it at home, it says 'no memory card' i tried 3 different cards and i still...
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    Philips monitor speakers not working properly

    I need help with my audio. The speakers on my Philips 278E monitor are not working properly, although they did when it was purchased a few months ago. It had rich sound, with both sound & video carried on the same cable (BN39-01 879D). This cable has not been moved or changed. Now, the only way...
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    Solved how to drain a Senseo coffee maker completely

    ok, so on the bottom right of the external water tank [seen from the front] is a a floatation semsor that floats when there is at least a minimum amount of water in the tank. It contains a magnet . Within the body of the coffee maker the field must be sensed showing sufficient water level or...