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    New Someone messing with my pc!

    Someone is definitely mess up my pc.. When i search for something in google, there is always 4 or more new result in the top page. For example, usually when people type blender and search it on google, the top most result will be the 3d editing program blender. But for me, there is 4 new result...
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    DocuSign Hack

    Has anyone else had any experience with the Docusign email that appears to be from someone you know and when you click to open it it asks you to login to either godaddy, outlook, gmail or some other account? Then if you do enter your Outlook info they hack into your email and start sending the...
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    Receiving email from phony contacts

    I know I am not going to use the correct jargon, I will do my best to ask the appropriate question though. My wife was recently targeted by a (phishing?) scam, a (dishonest person) sent her an email, disguised (spoofed?) as her boss, his name and requesting a wire transfer to an account. This is...
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    Phishing site?

    Hi, I have been frequenting a web design forum site via Tapatalk and just realized now that it's flagged on Virustotal by a few different engines. See here: [] I'm somewhat in shock. I've...
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    Running Chrome under Windows 10 when a tab opened with "" in the URL. The screen displayed the following pop-up: ----------- says: **YOUR COMPUTER HAS BEEN INFECTED BY SPYWARE AND BLOCKED BY IT** Error #268D3 Please call us...
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    Wordpress Site Keeps Getting Hacked With Phishing Files

    How do I stop this from happening. I've had this several times now. My site will get hacked where a zip file gets uploaded, then extracted into various new directories. The folders contain coding which probably creates a fake signin page looking like its hosted on my host's server. Phishing...