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    How To Send a Text Through a Phoneline ?

    I have a computer that monitors sensors and is able to send emails via SMTP (fill in smtp stuff and it handles the sending) to alert people. Here's the catch, the computer is NOT connected to the Internet/outside world. But there is a usb modem (not sure what type of modem it is) but it's...
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    DSL not working on phone line outlet

    Hey guys, my router is currently sitting downstairs plugged in to the main dsl phone line, but I'm looking to plug my router in my office which is upstairs so I can connect my desktop via ethernet . While trying to do so, my router did not recognize a dsl connection when plugging into my...
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    Purchasing New Modem, What about the Phone Line?

    Hey all, I'm currently subscribed to TWC's internet and phone plan, and I'm paying for 50mb/s internet, but my router and modem are only capable of putting out an average of 13-16mb/s. Also, since I'm paying to lease one of TWC's modems, I want to cut out that $10/month fee. Thus, I want to...