phone problem

  1. M

    Combining External and Internal storage

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 Active and I am trying to combine my internal and external storage. I googled how to do so, and it's a rrally simple process, and the layout of the phone in the instructions and the layout of my phone are similar. However, I don't see the buttons it's telling me I need...
  2. S

    Solved Messenger/Whatsapp predictive text

    Hi, I'm back! I need yet more assistance from the most helpful Windows forum I have so far come across. This time it's my Windows 10 phone (Lumia 525 I think). Up until about a week ago I could use Messenger or WhatsApp and was saved lots of time by what I believe is referred to as predictive...
  3. DaisyElisa

    Problem on my android phone

    Hello, I am in need of help. Nobody can seem to figure out how to solve my problem. The problem is, whenever i turn on my phone, it takes me to an accessibility feature activation process. I know how to use it, and i know it is off. However when i try to click "next" to continue through the...
  4. phillbradyy


    hey, I have a OUKITEL original phone, only about three months old, was working perfectly till about half hour ago when it turned itself off, and when I try to hard reset it, everytime I go to select a option from the menu the phone freezes, so I take the battery out and try to turn it back on...