1. Jazdup

    Photo program to download photos-Samsung Galaxy to Desktop??

    I had an older Photoshop Elements and it stopped importing photos from my Samsung Galaxy J7, so I bought a newer version. This gives me the same warning that it couldn't import photos. Why would this happen? Something about the format size. Please tell me if there is a free or under $100...
  2. 0

    Damaged MP4, 60 MB but 0 secs long and won't play

    I have a 'severely' damaged MP4 file - it was a approx 3 hour timelapse vid on my phone but it stopped recording and then disappeared. I have managed to recover the file using some software on my laptop but it is 0 secs long and won't play even though it is around 60 MB What does anyone think...
  3. B

    Gallery Isnt Working Correctly on LG k10?

    Hello. Im having some issues with my phone currently. Whenever i tap the "gallery" app it doesnt show me all of my albums. Only a couple. When i tap the upper left hand arrow of the app, it's the same thing. I know for a fact I havent lost all my files because I looked through my file manager...
  4. H

    Factory Resetted Phone - Can I still Recovery Photos?

    I had a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime that had some pictures that I "thought I would never use in the future" that I've deleted. I got a new iPhone 6 and passed my Grand Prime over to my Grandmother who has went back to another country to live in. I can't get the phone back now. But I still use...
  5. JanicePh

    Solved Canon SX50

    Not sure if this is the right spot or even the right site. I'm interested in this: In excellent working condition. clean and scratch free. includes case, 4 batteries, charger 32GB sd card. also has filter adapter 300.00. free shipping in CONUS. I acept PayPal. Can someone tell me if this is...
  6. J

    My computer won't show me the images I know are on my SDcard

    Yesterday I shot a senior photo shoot and today I went to edit the pictures. When I initially put my SD card into the computer the images showed up, but when I tried to move them into a folder within the SD card for whatever reason I cannot see anything that is on the ad card anymore. When I...
  7. K

    dell s2216h or c22f390 or hp 22es or lg 22mp68vq ?

    I need a monitor among those monitor because I am in short of money and I want to use it for photo editing. Now which monitor should I buy for photo editing dell s2216h or samsung c22f390 or hp 22es or lg 22mp68vq or viewsonic vx 2209 for photo editing ? Please help
  8. S

    Resize photo

    hello ... please help, I want to resize the photo, but do not reduce the quality of the photo, if anyone could help solve my problem?
  9. A

    Lost image problem

    I transferred bunch of pictures and videos to a new folder on my desktop straight from my GoPro folder. Then I accidentally clicked "Undo New" in a GoPro folder and my new created folder with all of my pictures disappeared. I used a recovery tool and the images that were lost are 20mb each and...
  10. J

    How to search jpg files by tag(s) in Windows

    Is there a simple way in Win10 to search jpgs by tags? I'd like to search by tags . . . ie, show all (& only) files tagged "flowers" or "birds" or "flowers & birds" or "architecture", etc. Best of all worlds would also allow searching of sub-folders. I realize that Lightroom and other...
  11. E

    Corrupt .jpg

    I'm not sure when or how, but I've discovered that whole batches of .jpg photos that I have are not working - they cannot be opened (I've tried several programs, tried re-associating with different default programs, and have tried opening from the web). Microsoft 10 Photos program simply says...
  12. A

    Solved USB Lost Files

    Hi, I was having issues with my USB, it wouldn't let me copy anything into it. So I gave into the popup menu which was asking me to scan and fix. So I did that so it will auto replace the file names that had errors in it. Excellent news is that I can copy things into the USB. However, I noticed...
  13. D

    iCloud and My Photostream deleted photos.

    I have found over 1000 deleted photos on my iCloud account. i found them by trying to save my photos to my computer. When I dd over 1000 deleted photos downloaded onto my computer. I tried deleting them and deleted alot of my photos in the process, which i am okay with. They were just collateral...
  14. W

    In need right storage/software for photo management

    We need some service/software to help organize photos from several Mobil devices, cameras, etc. We have daily new pictures that at this moment auto load to WD storage , than I would like to sort pictures on Mobil devices to albums maybe auto place taken/date. Also, will be great to have...