1. W

    Corrupted photos!!

    Hi, my cat jumped on my laptop and dropped it! the hard disk was damaged, the tech guy ( who is not that professional) restored all what saved in the disk and transfer it to external hard disk. all my photos were there, but all were corrupted! those photos all what left from my house which...
  2. F

    Export complete with errors

    I have a Mac with Catalina OS . I tried to export my Photos file When I exported I received the following error Exported with 248 errors ( and marked 248 photos) . When I tried to extract any one of this photos I received the following error : The export operation failed to create a file...
  3. M

    Unable to go to next/previous image in photo viewer

    I'm trying to fix a problem on my mom's computer in which she is unable to go to the next or previous picture in a folder when viewing an image in Windows 10. This problem only seems to be happening in newly created folders; older folders seem to be working just fine. I downloaded Pictureflect...
  4. D

    For 5x7 print, 300 DPI; 1500x2100 pixels vs. larger?

    For printing 5x7 digital images at 300 DPI, is there any advantage or disadvantage in using larger files than necessary? Will photos print better is they are the exact size? (i.e. For 5x7 print, 300 DPI; 1500x2100 pixels.)
  5. D

    'slightly corrupt' photos

    Hi there! So long story short, my computer crashed a while ago, and I was able to get back 99% of my data on it, however, a bunch of my photos still open, but they look broken, for a lack of a better term. I've tried my photoshop to fix it, but I honestly don't know what else I can do in order...
  6. 3

    Can’t open downloaded pics / videos

    Hi folks, I’m hoping someone here might be able to help! I recently downloaded photos and videos from my iPhone to 2 external hard drives to back them up. But I can’t open most of the files. Screenshot below of what the files look like. I downloaded the app my labtop is suggesting I need (see...
  7. D

    Jpg now showing up as 35GB a piece

    I transferred all of my wife's photos off her phone (Galaxy S8) and now they are showing up as 35GB a picture. When I attempt to open them, it says "(photoname).jpg It doesn't look like we support that format." Of course I deleted them from her phone before I found this out, so any help getting...
  8. C

    Solved Photo images missing

    Windows 10. Photos used to appear on photo icons both on desktop and in files. All of a sudden they don't show. Just shows icon of the photo apps. How do I get them to show?
  9. N

    Microsoft's Hidden Albums

    I discovered that Microsoft Windows 10 automatically makes albums of all my pictures. I removed the tile but I need to know if the pictures are actually duplicated on my computer. If so it is taking up much space since I found albums dating back years. I cannot always find the album page but...
  10. J

    Solved Edited photo using default windows Photos app

    So I opened a .jpg photo using Photos, the default windows app, changed the aspect ratio to Square, clicked save a copy by accident, hit cancel, then saved. Now the name has changed to "Screenshot-32.jpg~RFcade0b3.TMP" (Screenshot-32.jpg being the original name) and, whenever I try to do...
  11. Robert the Bruce

    Can't see full image

    As you can see from the screenshot the top of the image can't been seen because of the bar across the top. With Windows XP Home (Windows Photo Viewer I think) this didn't happen but now with Windows 10 I can't see the full image. What can I do or what program should I open my images with in...
  12. B

    Gallery Isnt Working Correctly on LG k10?

    Hello. Im having some issues with my phone currently. Whenever i tap the "gallery" app it doesnt show me all of my albums. Only a couple. When i tap the upper left hand arrow of the app, it's the same thing. I know for a fact I havent lost all my files because I looked through my file manager...
  13. A

    Unknown .bmp files were found on my external hard drive

    While running a duplicate file finder on my external hard drive I found over 30,000 files which are .bmp. I do not know where they came from Many are "copies" of my photographs. Since I never use .bmp for saving my photos I have not been able to explain this. There are many more which are...
  14. L

    Microsoft Word & Paint

    I'm trying to print out a picture that I had to crop from PAINT and it's blurry when I expand the picture...Anything I can do to help this?
  15. J

    How to delete photo from laptop but keep on iCloud

    I have a Macbook Pro with Sierra 10.12.5 OS. I have thousands of photos on the laptop and would like to free up space by deleting the photos from the laptop. They're on iCloud so I thought it would be possible to delete them from the laptop without losing them. But when I click on 'Delete' to...
  16. T

    Recovering overwritten data

    Is it possible to recover overwritten photos? I am talking about the internal android memory, I have no SD card. These are the pictures I deleted yesterday, falsely beleiving they were backed up on Google. And I surely know they are overwritten cause my memory got filled up afterwards. I've...
  17. M

    Google Photos

    Were I not 70 such that I pretty much missed the digital revolution, doubtless I could puzzle this through. As it is however: How can I move all of the photos and albums and whatnot from my MacBook Pro (10.12.5) into Google Photos? Ultimate goal is to be able to provide real estate agent with...
  18. K

    USB Drama

    So my late grandfathers USB was found the other day with lots of photos on it, was working perfectly in my grandmas computer and again today in my dads when loading some movies onto it, then I brought it home and it wouldn't plug into anything all the way, I saw there was lots of dirt inside it...
  19. I

    help i formatted my sd card

    Okay so i formatted my sd card on my phone and i dont know how to get the pictures back.
  20. Hirnsausen

    HELP: MaxWest AsTro 4.5: Camera Photos too Magenta

    Hi, almost all the photos the camera of my MaxWest AsTro 4.5 smartphone is making, are having way too much magenta in it. is there any possibility to fix this? Not meaning any app for photo manipulation (I make way too many photos for that), but I need a way to change the way that camera is...