1. J

    Help with laptop

    I'm looking for a laptop to be able to run photoshop and software alike, but I only need the laptop to power my Xp pen 24... As the xp pen 24 acts as a second monitor through the laptop, I've been looking at a Hp elitebook with i5 core, 16gb ram, 1tb... But the company I was going to buy it...
  2. J

    Laptop and software help

    I need a laptop to run photoshop through my xp pen 24... This laptop seemed perfect but was told graphics card wasn't good enough, can anybody recommend one that won't break the bank, This is 350, I can go higher just don't want it to be too much as the laptop will only be used to...
  3. O

    Programs occasionally pixelates and goes haywire

    I need some help, lately some programs and game clients such as photoshop and league of legends respectively has been pixelating (I dont know the proper terminology of what is happening). In the case of League of Legends, I can fix it if I resize the window and resize it back to normal, but in...
  4. W

    Trying to install Photoshop and keep getting an error

    I just wiped my whole computer and I'm trying to reinstall Photoshop but every time I run the installation software I always get an error saying my api-ms-win-crt-heap-l1-1-0.dll is missing. After some quick googling and an attempt to update my laptop, I download the windows 10 universal c...
  5. P

    Solved Laptop Buying Advice for Photographers

    I'm looking to buy a new laptop and I do a lot of photo-editing (Photoshop and Lightroom), some graphic design, and am thinking of getting into video editing. I did a but of research about the best laptops for photo editing, but most of them aren't available where I am. I'd like some advice...
  6. M

    Learning to Design Logos & Converting Files to DST

    Hi everyone, I am a college student looking to create a clothing line. I want to be able to sell fashionable clothing, at a reasonable price. Prices ranging from $4-$20, for men/women/children. I would like to learn how to design my own logos, and also how to convert files to DST ( I have...
  7. K

    Adobe Lightroom Temporary Files

    Our OS hard drive keeps getting filled up, especially by temporary files, from Adobe Lightroom. I thought I had set it to save everything on the D or external drive, but the C keeps filling. What settings do we need to change to keep this from happening?
  8. J

    Photoshop super slow

    I recently bought a refurbished MacBook Pro from the store. It has 1TB (though is almost full) has 16G ram, 2.8ghz CPU. But whenever I run Adobe Photoshop it is super laggy and nothing seems to work. My CPU is always running high with it on. Why??
  9. T

    Pictures Not Opening - Format Error

    Hi! I like to do art on the computer. I have a few programs that I use for different things. Sketchbook, Photoshop, GIMP, and Krita. I don't know what I did.. Whenever I save/download a file, from anywhere, it saves as a Sketchbook file. (Like how you have files specifically formatted for...
  10. J

    Which Laptop is best for me? HELP ASAP

    • I do hardcore video editing • I prefer to use Final Cut Pro X • I use Adobe photoshop • I plan on gaming • I plan on editing hi-def videos • Learning how to hack and code • I will use animation software • I plan on playing GTA V and a Overwatch (at the least) • I have a budget of...
  11. D

    Upgrading graphics card

    Hey guys, I have a Refurbished Dell Optiplex 9010 SFF Desktop ( CPU: Intel Core I5 Quad Core 3.4 GHz Processor Ram: 16 GB (This upgraded amount is a great feature for multi-taskers) Hard Drive: 2TB GB SATA Optical: DVD-RW Drive...
  12. I

    Windows 8 - Laptop Slow - Keep Having to use 'CleanUp'

    My laptop is slow when I use Photoshop (CS5) . I am not connected to the internet but have connected a few times via my phone. When I use the program after a few images it becomes incredibly slow taking seconds to perform an action. My quick fix is to use 'CleanUp' and restarting my computer -...
  13. C

    Why is there no white in photoshop on my new pc

    Hi, i recently downloaded photoshop on my new pc and i have no white? All text and pictures just show a pinky white colour but on my old laptop its fine. Can anyone help please?
  14. n13

    Memory to run Lightroom

    I am currently looking for a new computer, however, I am on a budget. The memory on my current computer is not enough. I have an external hard drive that I save my work on, but I was wondering is it the RAM memory that's necessary to run Lightroom or is it the hard drive memory? The memory on my...
  15. B

    Pixelated Text in Photoshop CC

    I'm trying to create a fairly small images for web but the text seems to keep coming out pixelated. I've tried the anti-aliasing solution, which doesn't do much. I created the documents at 260x150 300 ppi (which is well above for a simple web image) with text varying between 14-24 points, and...
  16. O

    How to save multiple smart objects as seperate image files

    I downloaded a psd file from some website. In that , it had various smart object layers in a single image. When i hit save, these smart object layers are saved as seperate image files. I don't know whether you understand my question or not. If you didn't, then see the image below (for example)...