1. B

    Can php detect "if" an image is returned?

    Hi folks, I'm boxing above my weight here, but I have a project I'm passionate about. Any pointers would be appreciated. Found this nifty PHP tutorial on returning a random image from a folder Direct link to PHP Works a charm, but I need to somehow...
  2. prowl

    I cant get php to connect to mysql on windows 8.1

    I have mysql 5.7 (64 bit) installed alongside php 5.6.1 (non thread safe version, 32 bit) running via iis 8.5 fast cgi interface. my problem is i cant get php to connect to mysql. it shows no error code in my web browser, which makes it difficult to diagnose the problem. I can access mysql from...
  3. P

    Need help with htaccess and php includes_path

    I am trying to migrate a site over to a new webhost. It's mostly HTML/CSS, using PHP for includes. There is a default path to the includes directory. On the live servers, this was set up by a consultant (no longer available) using includes_path in php.ini, as well as some lines in my .htaccess...
  4. techkid

    Solved Multiple actions on PHP form

    Hi, I am writing a website for a friend to submit and review poetry. I am up to the review part of the project, and what I want to do is to be able to use radio buttons to be able to approve or delete entries using PHP using the one form. This is what I have so far: <!DOCTYPE html> <html>...
  5. techkid

    Solved Designing a basic website for a friend.

    Hi everyone, I am writing a basic website for a friend, as a proof of concept for a project she is looking into. What it is, she wants to help people with mental health issues express themselves and submit poetry to help themselves and potentially others. Now, while my knowledge of website...
  6. K

    Mysql, PHP Access Denied (Guestbook used to work)

    Now on Windows 7... 1995 I started a personal domain for grand kids scrap book. Each kid has a subdomain. Later I had need for a guestbook on ONE of them, and I had help from workplace peers to get it working. About 10 years later (separate story line) it was no longer used. Now his mother...
  7. M

    php script with long url

    Hello, I'm trying to use the script below; <code. <?php $content = file_get_contents(''); echo $content; ?> </code/ but it doesn't seem to work if the url page I'm trying to get the text from is longer, like : hxxp:// It just seems to...
  8. K

    Solved Simple avatar/image on PHP comment page

    I have what I think is a simple request, I think. First let me say where I stand. I downloaded php code for my "Comment" web page. It uses MySQL. And it all works fine. It consist of several php files. demo.php comment.class.php connect.php script.js styles.css submit.php MY GOAL...
  9. A

    User Management System

    Hi, I'm desperately looking for something I need for my startup. I have a payroll business and am wanting to expand to include online payroll features for my website. I use WYSIWYG Web Builder to create and edit my website. I have no coding experience so I need either a 3rd party software or...
  10. A

    Website Not Working Properly

    I've been working on my website and use WYSIWYG to build it. I've had a pretty easy time using it and publishing it until just now. I've tried twice to fix it and I don't understand what's wrong. After adding some page links at the top to the existing ones and published the page, my website...
  11. A

    Unable To Access Files Using Website URL

    I am trying to install UserSpice to my website. I've already tested everything using XAMPP and whatnot on my computer. When I put the install files in a folder called "wheel" (which I was told to do in a tutorial that skipped steps leading to this nonsense) to the website via FTP and go to my...
  12. rich1972

    PHP form, not receiving email, SMTP authentication issue ??

    Dear all, I am trying to create a form which sends the info to my email. Before I begin to create the form, I have tried to practice on a simple feedback form first. I have created the HTML page with the simple feedback form (using dreamweaver CS6), and have created a php page, and entered the...
  13. B

    Script error.

    I am working on an imageboard, and after I make a post on it I get the following error; "Warning: preg_replace(): Delimiter must not be alphanumeric or backslash in /home/chippune/public_html/inc/classes/parse.class.php on line 194 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already...
  14. A

    Column 'game_link' in field list is ambiguous in php my sql

    hello i have this mysql statement $query = "SELECT `game_link`, `game_name` FROM `action`, `adventure` WHERE `game_name` LIKE '%".mysql_real_escape_string($search_game)."%'"; when running returns boolean producing the folowing error "Column 'game_link' in field list is ambiguous"
  15. T

    Solved PHP url link command

    Hi all, I have been playing around with a project called homebridge which is loads of fun. one thing I have been able to make it do is send commands to an Arduino board with a url command i.e which turns on a relay. now what I need to do is the same to a relay connected...
  16. piaesther

    Need a classifieds script which supports Joomla

    I need a best Php classifieds script to develop a classifieds portal. Any suggestions is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  17. F

    Capture device details from web url/web page

    Is there is any way to capture device information like device model, operating system, phone number etc. from a web url/web page, using any of the following languages: PHP, JS, JQuery, Ajax
  18. S

    Making a website work with 2 different things. {hard to exp}

    So. that was a bit hard to explain in the title. So it's better to explain here! So i have a website ran by myBB Forum Software until i can get money for Xenforo or until i can figure out Flarum. But basically. I want to make pages with Adobe muse and use those for my pages. BUT, i want to use...
  19. K

    php script for web traffic

    I need php script for my website so that when I type a particular url of any website on my page then it displays visitors traffic information of that site,like no. of visitors on that day ,week or month and real time traffic of that site ..... I need it plsssssss it will be a great help...
  20. angelr82

    Solved PHP - noindex on only footer.php SEO issues

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this; I am not a web guy at all and recently have been instructed to do some SEO tweaks. An issue I am coming across is that the most common words used on our site come from a statement of privacy that is found only in the footer.php This was...