1. crcook84

    Camera accessories for dealing with animals

    I recently started volunteering at our local animal shelter deciding that the pictures posted on the adoption website weren't all that good. I was taking cat pictures before because they already had a dog photographer. That is until the shelter ran a "clear the shelter" program with the express...
  2. sweetkiwiflyer

    Should I delete these programs to free up space?

    This is Windows 10. Here's a pic of what I'm talking about: I am in dire need of more space, so, I would like to know what exactly these are and if I can delete these safely to free up some space. If not, can you suggest a few things I can get rid of safely? Thank you in advance.(y)
  3. J

    Solved Edited photo using default windows Photos app

    So I opened a .jpg photo using Photos, the default windows app, changed the aspect ratio to Square, clicked save a copy by accident, hit cancel, then saved. Now the name has changed to "Screenshot-32.jpg~RFcade0b3.TMP" (Screenshot-32.jpg being the original name) and, whenever I try to do...
  4. B

    Monitor problem

    Hi! I got a PC with windows 10 I recently got myself a second monitor to ease my work. It behaves strangely. It won't recognise it's resolution capabilites, giving me 1024 x 768 and 800 × 600 as only alternatives. That means that I can choose between having the picture on this 2nd monitor...