1. N

    Web Downloaded pictures appear on multiple computers

    Strange occurrence: A picture (jpg) downloaded from a web page and saved on my computer. I discovered the same picture pop up on another computer in the house as the screensaver. It was not downloaded to that computer so can't figure it out. I have a Netgear nighthawk and 5 computers in the...
  2. X

    Corrupted Photo Repair - Somewhat urgent

    An app I had corrupted all of my pictures and videos. I got a recovery app (EaseUS), and the scan was successful. I can see all of my images right there! Yet, when I try to "recover" them, it only shows me a red circle with an exclamation mark on the top of the image. I know there must be a way...
  3. M

    New Sata Disk showing up in my "User" Folder with Documents

    New Sata Disk is showing up in my "User" Folder with Documents, Pictures, Videos, etc. I installed a blank WD 1TB Sata disk for additional storage in my PC. After I began to place folders on the new drive I noticed that in my User folder (Click the Globe in the bottom left-hand corner of the...
  4. S

    My PC won't recognize iPhone

    I have an iPhone 6 that won't turn on completely. When I plug it in, the computer makes the jungle sound and iTunes pops up. But when I go into "My PC" folder there is no iPhone folder to open. This is where I usually transfer my photos to my desktop. I know this is an issue with the phone, and...
  5. L

    Microsoft Word & Paint

    I'm trying to print out a picture that I had to crop from PAINT and it's blurry when I expand the picture...Anything I can do to help this?
  6. J

    New Infected SD card, safely remove pictures

    Recently went on a three month trip to SE Asia and have 2000 pictures on my SD card waiting to be backed up. When I plug it into the computer it says that it is infected and recommends that I allow it to be fixed. However, I am terrified that it will erase all of my pictures in the process. Is...
  7. T

    Deleting could not find this item pics?

    That is the issue how do you delete that stuff it says this is no longer located. They only show up if i search for pics by name like i searched Ghoul they all show up like that. But if i go into the folder i have them in they are fine the blank white ones do not show up. Oh and this is Windows...
  8. O

    Solved Why am I seeing only the text and X instead of my images?

    My desk top OS is Windows 7, my browser is IE 11, my issue is with the internet not showing my uploaded images. It started two or three days ago, anything I load to photobucket or any other site I wished to use my images on, will show the square where my image is suppose to be, it has the blue...
  9. I

    help i formatted my sd card

    Okay so i formatted my sd card on my phone and i dont know how to get the pictures back.
  10. A

    Lost image problem

    I transferred bunch of pictures and videos to a new folder on my desktop straight from my GoPro folder. Then I accidentally clicked "Undo New" in a GoPro folder and my new created folder with all of my pictures disappeared. I used a recovery tool and the images that were lost are 20mb each and...
  11. E

    Win10 PC - scrolling photos lost from screen save

    Hi , Recently for no obvious reason, my personal photos that used to scroll through my screen when the computer went on "screen save" have disappeared and instead I have a completely black screen except for the small (Font approx 10) white text saying "There are no pictures in...
  12. J

    Black screen after boot

    So when I start my computer (prebuilt acer predator g3620) i get into this windows loading screen with the acer logo on top, then when it finishes loading it goes to black with this white horizontal line, all the usb devices still work and tapping the power button starts shutting down the...
  13. A

    Removing Photos

    My laptop has been broken for quite some time now and I was wondering if its possible to get my pictures off of it without starting it up. Everything is well working except for the sensor that connects my power button. Is there anyway I can sync it to another computer? or anyway at all that I...
  14. R

    Win7 cannot access Control Panel, C:,or any folder

    I can't get into any folders, or even the control panel. Everything works fine in safe mode. I can click on a picture and it will open, I can search for a game and it will open, I can even launch config.sys or CMD. When I click on computer or any other folder, the folder appears and spins the...