ping issues

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    Slow internet and dropping out. Is it ISP fault or mine?

    Hi there, We have been receiving very slow internet speeds. They largely fluctuate at a high of 4.45mbps (for a few minutes) to 0.1 mbps - very slow. We have had little help from our service provider who are saying it is something we are doing at our end. Blaming everything from server being...
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    PING error message

    I constantly have this error message pop up on my brand new Windows 10 computer. It says "Ping has stopped working". This message will close so suddenly, I can't even hit cancel when it says "Windows is looking for a solution" or something along those lines. My internet is working 100% fine...
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    Ping just went up

    Hello, i have my pc for like half a year,everything was running excellent,but last two weeks my ping just went up from 30 to 150-300,i dont know what to do,i tried almost everything,but nothing worked,is it possible that i broke my network card? I dont have notebook i have normal PC,btw im using...
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    Unstable connection -Need help finding problem-

    Ok so, this is the weirdest internet issue I have ever experienced. What is happening is around 9 am every day my internet slowly gets worse and worse, around 1 pm it gets super unstable, with ping to most all my sever testers ranging from 28-400 and spikes of over 14k. Then at 5 pm through...