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    Ping Spikes for Xbox Live via Ethernet Cable to PC

    Hi there, I live in student dorms using 'eduroam' wifi. It normally doesn't allow Xbox Live to be used from it, but I did a workaround of simply attaching an Ethernet cable from my laptop to my Xbox One. Now this works but the problem is that I get consistent spikes in ping making any online...
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    Random packet loss and ping spikes

    For about a month now i've been experiencing problems with lag and packet loss mostly while gaming. My PC is wired directly to the modem and its cable internet using a Hitron modem. My OS is Windows 10 I run tests using and as well as using the ping and tracert tests...
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    Really bad ping spiking - only on new computer

    I recently bought a new PC to replace my ageing laptop that I hoped I would be able to play graphically not-terrible video games on and the like, but whereas on my laptop the internet connection was nice and smooth, on my new custom desktop I have a consistently good download speed like before...
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    Spiking Ping.

    Hello; Just want to say that last time i asked for help on here i got consistent feedback and support, so thanks for all of the input!. I really appreciated it!. I am having some minor issues with ping, which is affecting online gaming and would be really greatful for some help. I have tried...