1. D

    want to use my phone as a dlna player

    I want to use my phone as a dlna player and server but here's the thing my phone is my only access to Internet I have no router cept my phone thethering so what app should I use to accecc servers in my local network and what servers for my phone will distribute the signal in to WiFi tethering I...
  2. L

    Having a problem with my DVD Player not recognizing DVDs.

    Hello! I have this problem where my DVD player recognizes some DVDs but some not. I got a video on a DVD that I want to play but when I insert it, nothing happens. When I go into My Computer there is "DVD RW Drive (E: )", when I click it It says to insert a DVD and opens my DVD player. I tried...
  3. V

    Flash player bocked

    Im not dumb, ive unblocked flash on my chrome browser, ive tried other browers ive tried unistalling/reinstalling flash but when when i try to stream anime on sites such as and the plugin is blocked? ive disabled any antivirus that may be blocking it. youtube works fine
  4. mygenericemail

    Best DVD Player programs for Win 8.1?

    For some reason the Cyberlink video player program that came with my Win 8.1 pc isn't working anymore (and their "tech support" is nothing more than a sales gimmick...there is NO tech support for this garbage). Windows Media Player has been changed to not play DVD's for Win 8.1, so I cannot...
  5. C

    Internet Not Working Properly

    Hi, I have an issue with downloads. My internet has been funny for weeks. At the start, my internet would say it was connected, but not be able to connect to any websites. When my internet goes down, it affects everything. But in the last seven days, when i try to download files from the likes...
  6. J

    Adobe Flash Player .exe files will not load.

    I have a Windows 7 64 Bit computer with the System plugin and Internet explorer and Google chrome versions of Flash Player installed. Flash Version I have tried clearing all data, uninstalling multiple times, older versions everything but every time I try to open a flash projector...