1. F

    Difficulties burning DRM-protected Apple Music to CD

    Hello all of you! I am burning a few CD mixes for my BFF as part of her Christmas gift. I've just synced my Apple Music playlists to a computer and inserted a blank CD-R. When I click under File>Burn Playlist to Disk the burning process seems to start, then I get a prompt saying my files are...
  2. cwwozniak

    Solved Alternate Music Player for Amazon Fire HD 8

    I have an Amazon Fire HD 8 (7th Gen) tablet. The included Amazon Music app does not seem to have an easy way to create local playlists using mp3 files stored on a micro-SD card plugged into the tablet. It seems to be cloud based and requires an Internet connection while playing. Is there a free...
  3. O

    Creating a Playlist on a thumbdrive

    I've created a music playlist as a gift, consisting of mp3 downloads. I want to have the playlist exported from a PC windows 7, to a thumb/flash drive so that the person I'm giving it to can insert the thumb drive to his android phone and have it play automatically. I already found out that in...