playstation 4

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    connecting playstation to old monitor !! HELP

    i am trying to connect my play station to my old dell monitor. i have purchased a hdmi male to dvi male cable to connect the ps4 to my monitor but when i try and play, it comes up with “cannot display this video mode, optimum resolution 1680 X 1050 60Hz”. HELP PLEASE
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    Specific PS4 won’t connect to projector

    I have a working PS4 that used to be able to connect to my old PLV-Z2 sanyo projector via a HDMI-DVI cable. Recently the projector is saying there is no signal. I have tested the cable and projector with a different PS4 and it works fine. I’ve tested the ‘broken’ PS4 using the same cable...
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    PS4 disconnecting lan cable

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me with my connection problems with my playstation 4. Let me describe the situation: I started living in another city a month ago and had noticed that I had no ethernet ports in my room, i could only connect my devices to the local university's wifi called...