1. R

    Does Any one know that how to crack Sony Playstation 3 ?

    I Have Sony Playstation 3 and I wanted to know that if I can jailbreak it and I can install the games of ps3 which are available on the torrents ...
  2. Smash13

    Solved HDMI out of range - PS3 to New Monitor

    Hi, I bought a new monitor, LG 24MP68VQ. The idea was to connect my PC through DVI or VGA, and connect the PS3 by HDMI. Now, PC works just fine. But the PS3 doesn't. So I turned on the PS3, Then switched the output to HDMI, And I see a black screen. The black screen flashes every 5or10 second...
  3. M

    Wi-Fi works on phone, not on laptop or ps3

    I've been trying to access the internet on my laptop and PlayStation and neither will connect. PlayStation fails to obtain the IP address while laptop simply says cannot connect to this network. Both have been connected to the network until now and the network shows full bars on both. I have...
  4. H

    Playstation 4 NAT type 3

    We got a new modem a week ago. There was no problems first (my ps4 NAT type stayed at 2). Then suddenly overnight it changed to 3 (I cannot voice chat nor join friend's games). I want to know: Why did it change? How to change it back to type 2? I am not a computer master so please, try to make...