please help!

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    Deleted network driver, broken screen, no display!

    Help please! My toshiba touchscreen has been broken for a long time now, we've just used an hdmi cord to connect it to a TV and used it as the monitor. Well it started acting up, getting slow and freezing so my husband was going to delete and reinstall the network drivers, (he says thats all)...
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    I don't understand

    My system uses windows 10. I'm having trouble with internet explorer! How do you see if it's loaded? How do you make it my homepage?!
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    Solved Please help me, I'm desperate

    Hi folks, it's my first time here and I'm really hoping someone can help me out here. I'll just dive right right into it: Short version: -Laptop = ASUS G551VW -track-pad doesn't work. I know it's a driver issue. -under "Mouse Properties" in settings, there are two things listed as connected...
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    Computer keyboard and mouse randomly stops working

    Hiya I am having some problems with my pc... if i don't use the keyboard and mouse for a while they randomly stop working, in order for them to work again I have to restart my pc. Does anybody know what could be wrong with my pc? Or how I could fix it? It is a new refurbished pc, the model...
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    Need help!!!

    I need help with this issue. For the past 24 hrs my pc has been stuck with the "infinite boot loop". I recently downloaded Samsung sync which is what started this all. I downloaded it on Saturday night and it worked well but when I tried to shutdown my pc it was taking extremely long. After...