please help me

  1. Deeson777

    Lenovo 300-17isk motherboard

    I have a Lenovo ideapad 300-17isk. Im replacing the motherboard but the connector for the screen has black stuff in 2 spots. Any ideas?
  2. B

    Trying to open a app on my cyberpower gaming pc

    For some reason when I click the app it won’t open for some time it was working if I click it multiple times a error comes up saying (“application is already being used or opened) I also have another problem.. when I game on my pc the game out of nowhere goes to a black screen and shows the...
  3. T

    My Gaming PC keeps shutting down (Black Screen) When I play

    i have a gaming pc, and anytime i play a game like Rainbow six siege for longer than 20 mins it just shuts off without warning and i have no idea what to do i've tried so many things and nothing works and now i am desperate. please help!! I just built this PC about 1 week ago, the only thing...
  4. Z

    SD Card Help

    How do i know which sd card to get?
  5. frustratedfellow55

    Solved Trying to install Windows 10 on new PC

    Yesterday, I built my first gaming PC (almost, I have yet to purchase a GPU. I plan to run on the CPU's integrated graphics until then). I've been having trouble trying to install Windows 10 on it with a USB drive. I used the Media Creation Tool from the Microsoft website, and formatted an 8GB...