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    Logitech K360 Keyboard

    Hey guys, The CAPS light on my wireless Logitech K360 keyboard is stuck on and the rest of the keyboard is not working either. Besides that everything else is working just fine including all other USB devices. I have a Dell XPS 15z running 64-bit Windows 10 Pro. Any help is appreciated...
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    I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing

    SO, I don't really know much about computers but want to. Besides that I think I'm having trouble with my computer. I mostly use my computer for pc gaming but, it doesn't feel right. Some games that came out nearly a decade ago like cs:go my computer might have the game crash. I've noticed that...
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    USB ports not working

    My USB ports/mouse and keyboard stopped working (except in bios) after i installed my Rtx 2080s , we tried to put the old 1060 back in but the ports still did not work.
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    Solved Thunderbird/Exetel emails suddenly lost?

    Good afternoon, We recently manually cleared a recycle bin due to an ongoing error message / issues accessing drive and have as a result lost all emails stored. We really need them back. Help??? No other changes to computer. Note: tried to complete system repair however despite admin access...
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    I tried the problem builds thing but

    Basicly i am trying to do the problem builds guide where i take it out the case and try it out side of the case but i have ran into a problem as the motherboard 24pin connectir is quite hard to get out and i dont want to break the motherboard by breaking it
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    I cant extend my desktop onto two monitors

    If I connect two displays everything will work correctly until I select the option to extend my display. At that point, the entire screen flashes blue and comes back to the desktop this cycle repeats forever. My smart friends and I tried to fix this and couldn't if anybody on this forum can I...
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    Gaming Headset, no audio

    Hello, here is a quick run through. Astro A10 purchased this morning, works on my xbox one and on my phone. Mic works on my PC however there is no audio from the headset. My speakers work in both front and back audio output ports so its not a hardware issue. My pc doesnt even recognise there...
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    external hardrive inaccesible

    i'm on a one month old Hp envy x360 2 in 1 laptop. it only has 128gb storage on it's internal hard drive so, i needed an external hard drive (wd 1TB my passport) to bolster it with all the files i have for school. it told me i had to do a software update and restart my computer. After it...
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    Time out on certain sites

    This just started about 2 weeks ago. I have two sites that I know of that always time out and I can't logon. Currently the two sites are and all other sites I've tried work fine. I cannot connect to these sites with I.E., Chrome or Firefox. I have unistalled browsers...
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    ever since windows update my 2nd monitor has been glitch

    Ever since December 13~14 of 2017 my 2nd monitor connected to my laptop has been very glitchy and laggy. It feels like 2 frames playing at once. I know the issue is a windows 10 update since I went back to an earlier version and it was fine. (when I do go back my windows automatically downloads...
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    Having troubles with a new ryzen system..

    Hello! I've recently put together a new amd ryzen system, but I cannot get a signal on my monitor. The system I have is : MOBO: Asus Prime B350-plus CPU: Ryzen 7 1700 Cooler: The stock wraith spire cooler it comes with GPU: Asus gtx 1050 phoenix Ram: Corsair Vengeance 8gb 2666 MHz c16 (also...
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    My computer won't show me the images I know are on my SDcard

    Yesterday I shot a senior photo shoot and today I went to edit the pictures. When I initially put my SD card into the computer the images showed up, but when I tried to move them into a folder within the SD card for whatever reason I cannot see anything that is on the ad card anymore. When I...
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    Solved PC restart

    My window 8.1 64 bit restart at the startup when window 8 icon shows it will restart again and again why it is happen
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    Fractional Task Services like Amazon Mechanical Turk

    Hello All-- Good evening. I am a small business operator; an independent lodging motel. I am in need to bolster my online presence from a. I do not hold an advanced degree in computer programming/coding/website construction etc. With that said, I have heard about fractional task services such...
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    Factory reset for Toshiba?

    I was told to press f12 when restarting to get to the boot menu which I did and I was then told to select 'HDD' recovery and press enter. This part confuses me as it's not there, I can see 'Built-in HDD1 Toshiba MK12376SX' but that's not it so I clicked 'enter setup' Once in I can see' Built-in...
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    is it compaq nc6120 or nx6120?

    Hi, A friend of mine gave me an old laptop computer but he took the hard drive with him. I was trying to buy the hard drive for this laptop but a notice this one didn't have a serial number neither model.I looked at over the internet and according to the pictures and feature it has shown over...
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    Power Supply makes clicking noise when I press power button

    Hi, so I have had a powering issue with my previous power supply which was the Corsair CX600W so i purchased a newer power supply - the EVGA SuperNova G2 550W. I unhooked my old psu, hooked up my new one and the PC turned on and I turned it back off from the power button on the case. I also hava...
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    Solved Can I Download a Windows OS on a USB From a Mac

    Hello and thanks for looking in to my thread in advanced. I´m a new/first time PC builder. I had a PC already and I wanted to switch out the Motherboard, CPU, Power Supply, Graphics card, and Ram. After switching all those out, I thought I was done. I thought I could turn on my PC and BAM, PC...
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    New Porn images pop up after a few minutes

    for NO REASON whatsoever every few minutes i get a pop up grid of porn images and a message that says my comuter has been hyjacked and i need to call a number. this is unremovable without tuning off all power on my computer. i cant play any games or anything bucause when i turn the computer on...
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    Excel: Automatically hide rows based on value

    Hi All, So I'm fairly competent in Excel in most things other than macros (which means it could be argued I know nothing about Excel...) I'm looking for a way to automatically hide rows from a page. Essentially it's a progression tracking sheet that I've got, and I want things to stay on the...