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    Excel: Automatically hide rows based on value

    Hi All, So I'm fairly competent in Excel in most things other than macros (which means it could be argued I know nothing about Excel...) I'm looking for a way to automatically hide rows from a page. Essentially it's a progression tracking sheet that I've got, and I want things to stay on the...
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    Windows installation issues

    So i took the dive and decided i'm going to build my own pc im a smart guy i can handle it right? Well apparently not. that is my build now for some reason my bios is not picking up my ssd at all for me to install windows (i'm installing from a flash drive not...
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    $1,600 ASUS Laptop... About to give up on it

    I bought a $1,600 ASUS Zenbook, mine is the UX31a model, about 3 years ago. 13.3 inch touchscreen, lightweight, and beautiful. This laptop has been the BEST... Until a few months ago. It started turning off, while on charge.. And when it turned back on it would say battery at 0%, plugged in...