1. C

    I just opened my new laptop and this is what i saw

    please guys help me i watched more than 20+ videos on youtube and none helped me.I don t have money to go at a specialist....this model is (E410M ASUS) thanks for listen to me.
  2. L

    Windows 10 has reset itself and I've lost everything

    Please please help! I turned my laptop on to get on with some work. To find it running very slow and everything had changed. Background icons everything. The more I looked the more was missing - my documents is now empty! There are some apps which I use which are still on there but don't...
  3. JakovMilevski

    Display Driver Uninstaller Help

    Hello guys, today i contacted nvidia to see if they can help me fix random freezes i get in some games.. they said that i should try the DDU program which i don’t know what it is because i don’t know that much computer stuff. I uninstalled everything, deleted the prefetch and temp files, and i...
  4. C

    Windows 10 keeps BSODing

    Yesterday out of nowhere my laptop came up with a blue screen and restarted itself, and since then it's been starting up, good for about 2-5 mins then blue screens again. I've tried to boot it into safe mode to save some files but even then I hardly made it past the login screen. It's come up...
  5. L

    Nvidia screen resolution probleme

    Hello there So I've had my pc for about a month now and since the beggining if I go full screen on a video (on YT or other sites; on google, edge ect...) or play a game in full screen (all the game that I have all have the same issue) the screen resolution will change. If I uninstall the Nvdia...
  6. B

    trackpad issues

    I have an ASUS with Windows 10 and usually there's a feature where I can tap with two fingers to right click but it hasn't been working for a few days. All the ways on how to re-enable it that I've searched online aren't working. Really need some assistance
  7. Singaling

    Need Help With My Friend's Unusual PC Issue- Screen Blinking

    Hi, everyone. I am new here. I hope everyone is having an awesome day! I have an issue that is actually my friend online's issue. Her name is Sharky! We all call her than because she always appears and disappears out of nowhere on the Disqus forum all the time, lol. But we do talk all the time...
  8. Q

    LAN and/or USB Wifi not working! Please Help!

    Please Help! When I run the troubleshooter it gives me the "There may be a problem with the (Adapter) driver" and when I try and fix it comes up with the message, Windows cant automatically bind the ip stack protocol. I have tried three different LAN cables and all the different ports of my...
  9. N

    Using a DP cable, but monitor goes blank when I try 144hz.

    PC SPECS - GTX 1060 6GB - Intel i5 4690k - DX 12 - Hi guys, so I recently got two VIOTEK monitors, 144hz, 24 inches (link for reference: And I got them set up and running, but I needed to change my...
  10. G

    In Progress Unwanted Links When Google Searching. Ads?

    Every time i search something up on Google i always get 2 or more extra links with my search that pop up a second after ive searched it. sometimes i accidentally press on these links and it comes up with dodgy websites asking me to download some ****. how do i remove these links? Do i have a...
  11. H

    Please help urgent

    My computer goes: BEEP BEEP *stop* BEEP BEEP and repeats over and over. I also hear a clicking, did my HDD break or something?
  12. K

    Computers download speed is bottlenecked

    As I said in the title, the download speed of my pc is very low compared to it's former speed and my phone's speed. Old Avg PC: 176 download, 24 upload Current PC: 27 download, 21 upload. Specs: i9 7900x Asus Prime x299-a Gskill Trident Z RGB 3200 Geforce gtx 1080 ti 1200 power supply
  13. L

    My connection is ok but when i enter an online game

    My connection is ok when i do a speed test i get 14 Mpbs everything is ok when im not playing on an online game but when i enter a game and start playing my ping is over 1000ms i use TPLink not an ethernet cable not only i have this problem my dad cant play online poker because it freezes when...
  14. M

    Wired internet connection to ps4 not working

    I have bought a internet or LAN cable for my ps4 because its faster then using wifi and i keeps faling to connect, i've tried entering my ip adress and all that manually but still nothing? I tried everything i can think of and still doesnt work, anyone have any help???
  15. P

    Can't Find Unallocated Space in Computer Management??????

    The most stuck ive ever been with computer stuff and I'm trying to download some torrents and can't really get anywhere because my avaible space is only 3.55 gb and when I googled it I was told to run computer management and look for the grey "unallocated space" and make a new letter drive but I...
  16. K

    Major Direct X Graphics issues,

    Hello, I'm having major direct X graphics issues in multiple games I've had problems in gta V, battlefront(newest), and battlefield 1. Notes: I recently moved to an SSD, I have windows 10 on SSD and games on another drive, (though I have tried games with game on ssd and still no). I've even...
  17. D

    New Computer slow after scanning hard drive d

    about a week ago i got a message that there was something wrong with my hard disk d and got asked if i wanted to scan it. I clicked yes by accident and afterwords my computer became rlly slow in starting some applications. Like internet, my computer files and the things that launch when i start...
  18. A

    Solved Focal Filter wont unblock sites!

    So to stop procrastinating i installed a software called FocalFilter and its supposed to block the sites that make you procrastinate and it worked fine the first time but this time it wont unblock my sites (even when the time limit was reached 6 hours ago!) i uninstalled it using a software...
  19. G

    Unable to access JarFile

    i'm trying to launch minecraft but it keeps coming up with the same error "Unable to access Jarfile" - Java virtual machine launcher
  20. F

    Mouse Wheel stutters

    Hello people, thank you for taking the time to help me with my issue, lets get right into it. I have a Razer Mamba Tournament Edition Mouse and for some strange reason every time I scroll up it jerks down and when I scroll down it jerks up. I made sure to check if smooth scrolling was enabled...