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  1. B

    Password lock on Dell inspiron.1525

    Purchased this Dell inspiron 1525 from a good friend but his ex put a password lock on it and I cant get past it can anyone help me I've been at it for 2 days
  2. K

    Broken PC

    Full specs : Amd Ryzen 3 1200 Gigabyte Gtx1060 6gb 8gb Hyper x fury 2666mhz ddr4 X370m Pro4 M-atx case 3 12cm fans 450watt gameamax I dont know what had happened what i do know is that i know i had 8gb of ram but yesterday it said that i had just 4! So i opened up my pc to see the problem i...
  3. Josbvevo

    My ps3 won’t connect to the WiFi

    :unsure:I just bought a ps3 and I was trying to connect my internet to it and it is stuck on ssid screen nothing elese I have been quick resetting it multiple times it just been like that not connecting and it won’t let me press the arrows or the X button to continue I need help boss
  4. S

    Pc wont connect to internet with ethernet or wifi adapter.

    For about a year or two now, my pc will not connect to any network at all. I've tried pretty much everything so i decided to come on here and get some help. When the problem first occured, i thought maybe it was just my ethernet adapter not working so i went out and bought a wifi adapter. It...
  5. O

    How can I connect to a WIFI network on Windows XP?

    I recently bought a Windows 7 Gateway computer, but was unaware that Windows XP was installed. Now, I am having trouble connecting to my network whether it be through WIFI or Ethernet cable.
  6. Q

    Windows 8.1 Installation Problem caused by GPT/MBR errors

    Windows had an installation problem on my HDD after a crash or something, and all the solutions i found on Google was to do a clean install windows after partitioning HDD. I didn't wanna lose 1 TB of files so used my old laptop HDD and installed Windows there and now my Desktop is running with a...