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    Mobile Hotspot Problems

    My family uses high-speed hotspots for our phones for individual person internet use. They are fast enough that they run all games at around 40-90ms ping, with an average of around 60 or 70ms. We have been doing this for at least two years, and they have worked pretty much perfectly for the...
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    Computer in a loop of turning on and off

    Hello, im stressing rn. I came to unplug a hard drive and then plug in an ssd and turn the pc on just fine go into bios to change the boot order. Look away. The PC keeps on turning on and off by itself in a loop and idk what to do. Please help :(
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    Can Someone Please Help Me Factory Reset My Computer

    Hey, im new here and im just so tired of trying to reset my computer to factory settings. I just want to know if someone here could help me, heres what ive tried(windows 7): -Already tried the backup recovery option where you need to pick a specific time where you want you computer to reset (I...