1. Belfastnurse

    Solved Need to identify TV wires

    Bit of background, my dad left us with wires a plenty. Unfortunately they weren't really attached to the appliances so we are playing a bit of mix and match. We have a Samsung tv model - le32r74bd. I have attached pictures of two kettle plugs that both fit. I am nervous however to turn it on In...
  2. Belfastnurse

    Using American plug in the UK?

    I have this plug I think it is from America. Do you know what I can buy to make this a permanent uk plug. Don't want to have to keep using my travel plug to get it to work. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. I

    Connect cables line phone to the wall socket

    Hello,I need a huge help to plug just two cables into a phone wall socket,accidentally i disconnect two cable (red and black) and I have already connected the blue and the white one,I Just try to plug randomly the cables and check if the phone is working..but I didn't find the right...
  4. K

    5amp Plug replacement help asap

    I have a sony vaio laptop but the plug in it has broke. The original plug was a 5amp fuse ss145/a. And was 250w 2.5v. The replacement plug I found was also 250w 2.5v and a 5amp fuse ss145/a. The plugs are exactly the same but just different branded and the top pin is metal like the other pins...