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    Podcast Software Program or App

    Hello, Everyone! I'm needing HELP with finding a Podcast Software Program or App, that works great for Windows 10... The Software or App for Windows 10 needs to allow me to record my podcast audio shows, be able to edit my recordings of my shows, allows me to add sound effects and music sounds...
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    Audacity Podcast Nightmare

    Hello, Probably a multi-step answer. If those answers could be dumbed down enough that someone in their 80's could follow them as I am practically a luddite would be sweet. I purchased a Behringer Podcast Studio. I have a HP notebook (which I reckon is a POS), running Windows 10. I have hooked...
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    Why do I have silent podcast in media player

    If anyone here can help, four days ago my Windows media player stoped playing podcast audio. In some cases the podcast from the same provider plays one episode but not any others (no DRM mostly BBC). The visualizations play as if the audio is playing but there is no sound. All my podcasts play...