1. D

    How to Fix Java Or Flash Problems In Pogo Games

    I like to play pogo games so there is some proble while playing pogo game so need to know how to fix that?
  2. B

    Pogo, Word & Excel

    I am having a problem getting games to load in Pogo. This has happened before & all of the settings were correct. When it happens, I noticed both times that my "Recent Documents" list is erased in both Word & Excel. There too all the settings were correct. It says Adobe flash plugin is blocked...
  3. earthian

    Why does POGO hate the Mac?

    I love playing bridge on Pogo. The problem is that i cannot play it on my 27" Mac and it is quite frustrating. There have been some queries on a similar subject here, but either they are old or the World has moved on.....and created more difficulties for the Mac, as far as Pogo is concerned...