1. J

    Emails bounce back even though mail folder has 0 bytes

    Since Microsoft Mail doesn't seem to sync correctly, Outlook.com doesn't seem to support pop accounts ( and I was getting some "TLS API error" ), I logged in to the pop server with telnet: telnet pop.secureserver.net PORT Which means 0 messages, 0 bytes, as I understand. I use a gmail account...
  2. T

    Sound not working after BSoD

    I got a new Lenovo Flex 4 2-in-1 laptop with Windows 10 a few days ago and it has worked great until today when I was watching a video and randomly everything froze. I tried opening task manager and pressing the power button and neither worked. After about a minute it showed the "sad face"...
  3. K

    Error adding POP Outlook account to Mail

    Hello everyone, I am trying to save my email messages from Outlook to the Mail program on my Mac Lion (OS X El Capitain). The problem is it won't let me use the POP protocole, only IMAP works. And I really need to use POP because I want to download my messages onto my computer instead of just...
  4. cjf54

    New Adware-Search2Social?

    Hey everyone. I'm a little new here, so bear with me. I know basic computer skills (most shortcuts, uninstall programs, etc.), but not anything fancy (or else I might've solved the problem already, haha). In a nutshell, I think I accidentally downloaded some adware/malware when I was browsing...