1. C

    In Progress Anti Malware Popup add installed itself on my laptop

    A couple months ago, I was trying to install something. A pop up advertisement for an anti malware program named “ByteFence” showed up and it installed itself. I tried to delete it but it wouldn’t go away. After, my laptop started to lag and freeze so I shut it down. Once I turned it back on, my...
  2. G

    In Progress Unwanted Links When Google Searching. Ads?

    Every time i search something up on Google i always get 2 or more extra links with my search that pop up a second after ive searched it. sometimes i accidentally press on these links and it comes up with dodgy websites asking me to download some ****. how do i remove these links? Do i have a...
  3. S

    Microsoft Feeds synchronization popup

    I am using SP7 for internal programs, but this popup keeps appearing obscuring screen. Hot to remove it and stop it Bill
  4. Jjohn00

    Solved Google chrome keeps opening by itself with ads

    So I downloaded a torrent a while ago (stupid idea) which turned out to be a virus. I ran like three different scanners and got rid of most. Now all that's left are 2 problems.. what I mentioned above: Google chrome opens automatically interrupting any other apps or programs im on or working...