port forwarding

  1. K

    Port forwarding issues with cod

    Hi, I’m having some real trouble with port forwarding on my pc and Cold War (the only game I have issues with) my nat type has changed to moderate and I’ve gone through all the process of port forwarding my router and still no joy. I’m using a tp link deco e4 and this attached photo is what the...
  2. N

    Port forwarding won't work no matter what

    Hello, everyone! So a few months ago, during the first lockdown, a friend and I wanted to play on a Minecraft server. It took me a while to get everything to work, but in the end it definitely did. However, now that I am trying to do the same again after a while of not touching it at all, I...
  3. sillyadonis

    I need help in port forwarding

    Hey. I am trying to forward few of my network connected devices. One of the ports (9000) works fine. If i try to forward anything on 8080, it just opens my router. Any other port is not working. Please help.
  4. D

    Solved Port Forwarding Not Working

    I'm trying to setup port forwarding for port 30000 to use with FoundryVTT (http://foundryvtt.com/pages/hosting.html#hosting). I've set it up properly as far as I can tell, using the guide for my router at https://portforward.com/actiontec/t3200m/ however https://canyouseeme.org/ keeps telling me...
  5. R

    Port forwarding

    Hello, im trying to port forward to lower my ping, when i go to my isp login and go to port forwarding i see LAN port and WAN port, and under each one a begin and end, if i want to forward port 80 for example, where do i insert the 80, in the begin only or in the begin and end? Also, when i...
  6. T

    Port still closed after port forwarding

    Hi! I have a huawei hg8245h router. A need theese ports: Udp 9600 Tcp 9600 Http 8081 I did everything, but it still closed, when i test it.
  7. R

    Fantasy Grounds Port Forward Issue

    Hey, sorry if this should have been in another thread or if it's already a thread, I couldn't find anything that helped. I am trying to set up port forwarding so that I can host a game on Fantasy Grounds for my friends, I followed the instructions here...
  8. R

    Port Forwarding Not Working on Technicolor TG582n

    Hello All, I'm trying to set up port forwarding on the Technicolor TG582n, without success. I have a Static IP with my ISP, and the router's Remote Management function (using port 25457) is working fine, allowing me to access it anywhere. I'm trying to create two instances of port forwarding...
  9. I

    Port Forwarding Novice

    Hi there, I will preface this with the fact I am new to port forwarding an unaware if what I am trying to do is possible. Background: I recently moved house and at my new flat the internet access point is in a separate room form my PC. To fix this obvious problem I am currently using a...
  10. N

    Port forwarding for remotr?

    I have an iOS app installed called remotr. It lets me stream my pc games from my computer to my iPad. On the same network, it works great, but when I leave and try to do it over the internet, it fails. I did the port forwarding for TCP port 8193 on my router (Bell Home Hub 2000) like it asked me...
  11. K

    Solved Port forwarding

    I am trying to open a port from my router it says it is open in the router (HG532e) but when i check in canyouseeme.com it says the port is closed. I even opened a port in the firewall by going into inbounds. Can somebody help me plz...........
  12. D

    Port forwarding not working | Firewall settings

    Hello all, I'm trying to open ports via my Linksys EA6100 Smart-wifi router through my PC to create a Minecraft server for family members. I've created one before and all was good but the port 25565 is closed now and no one can join and I'm unable to reopen the port via configuring a port...
  13. Foehammer

    Solved Port Forwarding stopped working, new router didn't help.

    Hello, I've been port forwarding regularly for years without problems. Suddenly a few months ago it simply stopped working. We were on a netgear router and recently switched to a HG633 for unrelated reasons. I expected the change to solve it but it didn't. I have spent hours looking for a...
  14. S

    T r y i n g to port forward, seems to block instead of help?

    HI! I am not really a techy guy, just to start off, so if you find any solutions to my problems I might need them in as plain English as possible! My internet connection is kinda bad, I live in a family of 5 and if even 2 of us are attempting to watch a YouTube video/stream something or play...
  15. D

    Trying to port forward and it is not working.

    I'm trying to forward some ports because i want to stream games from my pc to an android device through an app called moonlight which requires portforwarding. I've been trying and searching for hours and I don't know what is wrong. These are the required ports: "The following ports must be...
  16. T

    Port forwarding MC server

    Hello newbie here, I need some help I'm trying to setup a Minecraft server on my Raspberry Pi 3b with raspbian, it is working and i can play on it with my PC connected to the same network as the Pi. Now i want some friends that can play on it too, so i tried to setup port forwarding so my...
  17. T

    Port Forwarding, need help

    Hi, new user here. To make the premise of my problem short, I bought For Honor and after several hours of downloading, I found a red, menacing, Strict NAT type. I googled a little bit and found some ports I could open so I fix my NAT and start playing as I should, but I'm having trouble opening...
  18. C

    dhcp and static roots issue on belkin router

    Greetings all. So, I was having some issues with my router. I host an ftp server off my computer so my friends and such can download files from my computer without me having to purchase a server, and so I need to forward ports. It worked perfectly on the old router, I static rooted by MAC...
  19. V

    Need help with port forwarding!! Plzz

    Okay so.. I have a BSNL broadband that is configured as dhcp (I haven't purchased a static ip yet) . I was told that port forwarding through a dhcp isnt possible at all and I need to buy a static ip. but I really really really want to port forward , tcp/udp. I have a dlink modemn with 2730u...
  20. T

    Issue accessing security cameras from app? (Read for more)

    Hello! I am an IT Administrator for a local business, and we recently had a large storm. We were required to replace all existing networking gear. Our security camera system is now unable to be viewed via app. I have tried so many things that it is not even funny at this point - it is...