1. Autismo

    I need help with port forwarding

    I'm at my limit. I've tried abt everything, but I don't get it to work. So... I have a FRITZ!Box 7490 Router and I wanted to do some port forwarding for an online game server. I did as several tutorials tell me and the green indicator lights on the Fritz Box website are on and everything seems...
  2. sillyadonis

    I need help in port forwarding

    Hey. I am trying to forward few of my network connected devices. One of the ports (9000) works fine. If i try to forward anything on 8080, it just opens my router. Any other port is not working. Please help.
  3. R

    Can't open port

    I'm trying to make a Minecraft server for a few of my friends and me to play on, but can't get port 25565 to open no matter what I do. I have done all the normal stuff, I have created a TCP/UDP profile in my router, I have made a new rule in my windows defender firewall to let it through. I have...
  4. C

    Hdmi port help

    Hello i was using adapter for porta vga to dvi now i bought new adapter vga to hdmi and monitor not turning on help pls
  5. S

    Motherboard Ports Issue

    Hi guys today my pc had a heart attack and after i restarted my pc, my pc doesn't read my monitor and my mouse and keyboard. RGBs are off and i even switched as displayport to HDMI and it didn't work or even i connected a old mouse but RGB of the old mouse got on but i cant see if it work...
  6. D

    Need port forwarding help

    Hi I need help with Port forwarding a Port on my router. I want to open port 25565. I have a motorola router. Any help would be great.
  7. E

    USB 3.0 Ports Slow Transfer Speed to Ext. Hard Drive

    I am having an issue with my USB 3.0 Ports. I am trying to back up a lot of my files onto a Kesu External Hard Drive, but I am getting abysmally low transfer speeds. They start at around 10-15 mb/sec, then drop to as little as 500 kb/sec over the course of an hour. I have already changed the...
  8. X

    Splitting HDMI beween TV and VR

    Hi, I just bought a HTC Vive and it works and everything but I have only 1 HDMI port on my Laptop and I would like to be able to display the image of what I see on my computer to my TV while playing VR, so that people that comes can see properly what is going on. The proplem is, I need 2 port...
  9. N

    Broken Ethernet port, need help understand network adapter

    Hi guys. I'm a streamer and I've had some serious stuttering in my stream and I'm trying to get to the bottom of what's causing it. One possible issue is that a while ago my ethernet port broke, and I connected my ethernet through a USB connector as a replacement. I was unaware this might...
  10. AlwaysBrian

    Android System Unknown Port Svc. (netstat app)

    Hello, I posed this question in one of my other threads to see if they were related, and now I will post it as a stand-alone question in case it has nothing to do with the YouTube business. In the image below there are 3 entries. They start with the first highlight and end on the last...
  11. W

    Networking from a remote location

    My husband works remotely from our home in NY, for a company in California. He has an office in our home, and logs into his company’s computer every morning and logs out every evening. We are also In Canada on and off because of family and health problems with my parents. He wants to be able...
  12. T

    Port still closed after port forwarding

    Hi! I have a huawei hg8245h router. A need theese ports: Udp 9600 Tcp 9600 Http 8081 I did everything, but it still closed, when i test it.
  13. L

    Alienware 17 r1 external graphics card application.

    Hello. My problem is as follows. I have an Oculus rift and my laptop is not working for it. I believe it is a problem with the graphics card because I must plug the headset directly into the graphics card and my HDMI is not a direct port for that. I may be entirely wrong but I need help. Please...
  14. A

    Displayport-HDMI cable strange behaviour

    So i got a new pc along these lines: Kontron KTQM87(its a mobo with an integrated intel i7 4860EQ and an iris pro 5200) 8 gigs of hyperx blue 1600mhz ram Bitfenix whisper 450w and i already have a LG 24MP55. My motherboard has 3 Displayport 1.2 outputs. I red the manual which stated that it...
  15. D

    Port forwarding is not working

    For the last couple of months i've been trying to open up several ports, some of them to host a small server, some of them to be able to play MW2 on pc on an open NAT. But whatever i do, however i try, nothing seems to work. Not a single port will open. I have a Technicolor TC7210 (might be a...
  16. K

    port forwarding in hg532e router

    I am trying to open a port from my router it says it is open in the router (HG532e) but when i check in canyouseeme.com it says the port is closed. I even opened a port in the firewall by going into inbounds. I want to open a port for nanocore And i am using a HG532e router :) for this software...
  17. K

    Solved Port forwarding

    I am trying to open a port from my router it says it is open in the router (HG532e) but when i check in canyouseeme.com it says the port is closed. I even opened a port in the firewall by going into inbounds. Can somebody help me plz...........
  18. Mythfotia

    Port Forward error reasons

    i try around 3 years now to port forward with my Thomson tg585 v8 but it seems nothing i tried is working. dissabled firewall-dellete antivirus open nat type from the router port forwarded from the router port forwarded from my pc network settings. still no results. for a reason i can play...
  19. D

    Trying to port forward and it is not working.

    I'm trying to forward some ports because i want to stream games from my pc to an android device through an app called moonlight which requires portforwarding. I've been trying and searching for hours and I don't know what is wrong. These are the required ports: "The following ports must be...
  20. R

    How to verify port 5600 is opened in Windows server 2012 ?

    Inbound rule in advanced firewall settings is listed to allow connections to port 5600 but the port is still not listed as open/listening in portqry/netstat/tcpview. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.