portable hard drive

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    Expansion portable drive

    Helppp :( I was transferring my files and photos to my drive ( Seagate expansion portable drive ) to my phone through my COMPUTER and suddenly theres alot of error while the files were transferring. So i cancelled the transfer and pulled out my drive and tried again but this time my file wont...
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    8TB Portable HD recommendations needed

    I currently use a Seagate 5TB portable drive to store basically everything (my Lightroom Catalog & photos, my videos, documents, music etc), so this means very little is stored on my Mac HD, and doesn't slow it down, especially when doing post-production on photos or video. The drive was...
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    Portable Hard Drive Not Found

    I have 2 portable hard drives that show up in device manager but not windows explorer. I use Windows 7. They are both fairly new (less than a year old). One is a Seagate and the other Western. How can I at least get things off of them?