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    Port Forwarding on ASUS RT N66U doesn't work

    Im trying to host a minecraft server for a couple of buddies. But the port forwarding doesn't work. I've looked up multiple videos on how to do it on my router but still no success. help
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    hey. so im trying to portforward, just making a small server for friends and all. but so yeah ihave made that my pc has a static ip so that doesnt change and then i logged into the router and thats where im stuck really i think. its a B-Box 2 from belgacom. so yeah idk if i checked online it all...
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    Having Trouble Portforwarding With a Hitron Router

    Hello friends, I am having trouble portforwarding with a hitron router. Whenever I click the button to save changes after I add a rule or port (I dont know what to refer to it as) it says session timed out. I would appreciate all the help I could get :).
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    Trying to port forward and it is not working.

    I'm trying to forward some ports because i want to stream games from my pc to an android device through an app called moonlight which requires portforwarding. I've been trying and searching for hours and I don't know what is wrong. These are the required ports: "The following ports must be...
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    Solved Can't Portforward With Xfinity Router

    Hi all, i've been trying to set up a server for me and my friends to play on. I've done the port forwarding process many times before, but i've recently switched over to a xfinity router. After this switch I can't seem to complete the process. I get to the router page by entering my default...
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    Port Forwarding Troubles..

    Hi, I have a Asus RT-N66U and I'm trying to get certain ports open The issue I'm having is only ports 80 (HTTP) and 515 (Printer) are open I have been trying to fix this issue for many hours now trying everything I could What I've already tried and my current setup - Entering IP into DMZ (I...