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    Motherboard slots not working

    Hey everyone I opened up my PC today to do some better cable management in my new PC that I built and after putting back together it turns on and everything but the ports from the mothboard are not working. The ram, graffic card and SSd are working so I can get display and I can plug my...
  2. G

    Solved Restricting ports on network devices

    Dear all, I have a small based-at-home consultancy business. I am in the process of being onboarded as a supplier by a large, multinational organisation which has asked me to implement some additional IT security in order to qualify. One of the requirements they've stipulated is that I must...
  3. X

    Age of empires 3 - Redirecting ports 2nd PC

    Dear all, To play age of empires 3 online you have to redirect the ports on the router as follows: TCP - UDP 2300 - 2310 and 80 - 80 for a specific IP address... I added this for my own PC, when I tried adding this for a 2nd Pc to also play the game from there I couldn't add these ports...
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    How do I forward ports for two Xbox one X's

    So for a long time I've had the problem with my NAT reading "moderate" and "not all services available" on my Xbox, although I was still able to play online but it sucked, constantly disconnecting with extremely high ping. I was able to fix the problem on my Xbox by going into my router setting...
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    Solved All USB Ports Randomly Stopped Working (USB Cont. Fried?)

    Hey, so as the title suggests, I was just using my computer doing nothing special and randomly my USB ports disconnect then reconnect a few seconds after. I didn't think much of it, but then 1 minute later, the USB ports all disconnect and don't reconnect. I've restarted my computer multiple...
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    Need help with strange USB Port problem

    Awhile ago something strange happened, from one day to another, my USB Ports stopped working. I have a total of 14 USB Ports in my PC, 2 of them being USB 3.0 The weird thing is, only the USB 3.0 Ports are working, the rest aren't responding to anything. This has caused huge trouble for me as...
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    Solved USB 3.0 Ports Not Working

    Hi there, first thread on the website my apologies if format is incorrect or if I'm posting in the wrong section. So, my USB 3.0 ports don't seem to work, the 2.0 ports work fine however. When plugging a device in there is no response, though for example devices such as a Microsoft xbox...
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    Designated Undesignated & Root Ports

    Wondering if anyone can assist me with documenting root ports undesignated ports and designated ports on a network diagram need immediate help please respond to this thread it is Cisco related Thank you, Joe
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    Issue accessing security cameras from app? (Read for more)

    Hello! I am an IT Administrator for a local business, and we recently had a large storm. We were required to replace all existing networking gear. Our security camera system is now unable to be viewed via app. I have tried so many things that it is not even funny at this point - it is...
  10. J

    how to name COM ports?

    i use 10 usb devices on one pc and sometimes one of them becomes unrecognized or just disapears from pc. in this case i am forced to unplug then replug all usb devices to make them recognizable again. my questions is: is there a way to name the ports or usbs some how so than i know exactly which...
  11. A

    Power Surge - now my USB ports are not working

    I had a power surge, and this caused my motherboard USB ports to stop working: there was no power being given by them. My case USB ports, however, were still working. I thought, because my PSU was quite old, I should get a new PSU, and I did. Unfortunately, this did not work. I have tried many...
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    Is an SSD worth it in my case ?

    Hi folks I have a motherboard that only has Serial ATA 3GB/s connectors for hard drives. I know that connecting a 6GB/s SSD as a boot drive would work but was wondering if it would be worth the expense ? I know that running a 6GB/s SSD on a 3GB/s port will impair the SSD speed somewhat. I have...