1. D

    POST/BIOS problem after failed system reinstall from USB

    Greetings, recently I attempted to reinstall my windows 8.1 with a bootable USB. I wanted to replace my windows 8.1 system on my notebook with a Linux system and use this windows 8.1 on a PC. I made a system backup on USB (a backup of the windows 8.1). With the USB being done.(It wasn't an ISO...
  2. mstuck

    PC won’t start up properly

    I have just transported my pc to a new place and set it up but now I cannot start it up. I hear no beep when I hit the power button. Fans and lights turn on though. When I try to start it usually nothing happens. A couple times the bios logo was displayed and it froze there and one time I...
  3. C

    CPU Stopped Working

    So, about a month ago after a night of gaming, I knocked my pc off as usual and went to bed. In the morning, I went to turn on my pc but there were some issues. For one, the LED around the power on button was not lit up, and the fan on my graphics card was not spinning, and so I had no display...
  4. P

    PC POSTs but crashes when loading Windows

    So I accidently kicked my PC, and since it is missing a leg, hit the side of my desk. Well now it will POST but whenever loading Windows it will just crash right away. The HDD is fine and works on my brothers computer. Also western digital software says it is good. My CPU and HDD and RAM are...
  5. T

    how do i create a database on a GitHub repository?

    i was going to create a foums system on my website: , but i wanted to actually have the database for the posts on a github repo. also i was wondering a way to link the repo and my website so that when someone on my website clicks "Create new thread," they get taken to...
  6. K

    Power on PC: there's no beep sound and nothing on display

    Hello. So yesterday my PC was running fine (i have this pc for about half a year). Today I turned it on and it showed that windows can't repair itself so i turned PC off... Then I powered it back on but it doesn't show nothing on display, but PC itself is powered up (all fans are spinning and...
  7. I

    Fan stops spinning after 10 seconds, no POST

    (xpost from reddit) I only have the HSF, CPU, CPU 8-pin, ATX 24-pin, front panel headers plugged into my mobo. I power up the build, and the system restarts after 10 seconds. Before I get flamed, I want to say that I took a weird trouble shooting step(or at least, one that i've never seen...
  8. D

    Delete my account

    Delete my account and posts in this forum
  9. L

    New PC gives me no Display/POST

    Hi everyone, recently I've built my own PC after ordering all the parts. It was hard but at last I got it to turn on, fans were working and LED lights were on. However, when I then tried to connect a monitor to get into the BIOS and start installing Windows 10, my monitor was receiving no...
  10. Ghady

    Asus Zenbook UX303LB won't post

    My Asus Zenbook UX303LB won't post unless I unplug the internal display and/or even the external one (HDMI). CPU, RAM, SSD, WIFI, KEYBOARD, DISPLAY etc... all work once I unplug the built in display, boot it up and then plug in an external via HDMI to view the screen since while it's booted if...
  11. AmateurJohn

    New Here, How do I..?

    How do I reply to a thread? I saw a thread and wanted to help the person, but it says " (You have insufficient privileges to reply here.)". I have a free account. It says you can do basic stuff like make a post, reply, or make a thread. Am I missing something? I have only had this account for...
  12. koroshb

    CPU ERROR beep code when computer works just fine?

    Hello guys! I recently built a new gaming desktop, reusing my PSU and HDD/SSD combo from my old build. All three are known good and tested as such. Here is the current parts list: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 (NON-X version) with stock AMD branded cooler Asrock AB350 Pro4 with newest BIOS update Zotac GTX...
  13. C

    Solved Computer wont post

    I've just built a new pc: i5-7500 gtx 1050ti corsair sf450 msi h270i crucial mx300 525gb ssd 2x4 gb kingston hyperx 2133mhz when i power the computer on the fans turn on and the motherboard lights come on as well. My keyboard gets power for a second then shuts off. The computer wont post / send...
  14. Maxx0531

    No boot, no post, no beep code

    Hello, My Pc broke down today, it does not boot, no post, fans slightly turn on but then off and no beep code even without ram. I have tried with a new power supply so that is not the problem. I have also tried to start with just the mobo CPU and psu, but no luck. How do I know if I have a...
  15. G

    Solved 5 beep POST, is CPU or MOBO dead?

    I've just built my second computer and I keep getting the "process failure" code when I boot. When I boot without RAM, I only get the 3 beep code. These are all new parts. I have gone through many checklists, double checked all cords are connected, unscrewed the standoffs and pulled the MOBO...
  16. D

    Solved PC doesn't POST anymore

    Hello. In the last month i had occasionally a BSOD whenever the pc was inactive(OS is Windows 10). I decided i was going to change the HDD in a few months(as an analisys confermed it had some errors because of age). The situation changed 3 days ago: in the morning i started the pc and (before...
  17. O

    PC won't boot past Gateway logo

    Hello. I have a Gateway gateway dx4870-ub318. I turned it on and it went to the login screen but my keyboard wasn't acting right (some keys wouldn't show characters I typed and it acted as if I hit "enter" while I was typing my password.) I thought it was odd. Held the power button until it shut...
  18. kgash

    PC Won't Post or Boot

    When I press the power button, fans start then immediately stop, then start again, etc. Disconnected all peripherals but monitor, removed memory stick. No signal to monitor. When connected, hard drive starts then stops in time with the fans. It seems the PS is cycling on and off continuously.
  19. P

    BIOS speaker does not beep during post

    I have bought a bios speaker that plug's into the pin's on my motherboard but it does not give any beep's once I have powered on my desktop. Is there a soultion for this?
  20. A

    Solved CPU Over Temperature Warning

    Running: ASUS Rampage 2 CG5290 15 GB RAM I7 920 @2.6 Ghz AMD R7 250 GYX 750 TI 600 Rocksoul PSU I just used the PC this morning. With it being Christmas I got a new processor as a gift. Try to install the processor come to find out that it's not compatible with my motherboard. Go to put the...