1. S

    PC didn't POST

    Hey, so I just build a pc but I bought used part (mobo+cpu) and I assembled it like normal then it posting ofcourse but it ask me to ctrl+alt+delete to restart cause obviously it can't read my windows on the hdd so I did restart and trying to install my windows with my pendrive and suddenly it...
  2. S

    How many bumps?

    I posted something in the malware forum and I know they're very busy, so I did bump up my post one time. How many times should we do this or is once the limit? Also I've noticed a couple of other things that I'm not sure whether to add to post, but in any case, don't want to over post. Thanks...
  3. crcook84

    Posting without it looking like an advertisement

    I'm wanting to post information about dog collars. In the past, I've posted links to Amazon pages and it hasn't been an issue (or I was never given a warning). This time, I'm trying to gather information about collars. There are three different collars I was going to post. I was planning on...