power but no display

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    Laptops screen goes black if i plug it in while gaming

    I bought this new laptop like 30 h ago, had a blast on it so far, it was quite expensive given the specs are high quality and i really had no problem with it until today. I was plaing World of Warcraft and my laptop warned me that my battery was low, so when i plugged in the chargher the screen...
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    Help with power

    My laptop has power as the light is on, obviously the plug also. Just no power at all? Thanks in advance!
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    Monitor cannot be turned ON.....

    Gentlemen, Need some help on how to fix this monitor-Cannot turn on I have a Acer/ Ferrari F20 monitor that I just brought from Salvation army store, that simply cannot be turned on. I bought a brand new power adapter according to it’s spec(s), disassembled the monitor, found the 3 old...
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    PSU short?

    I was installing some RGB strips and accidentally connected them to the wrong header. Since then, there has been no video or audio output, and the computer will not turn off without hitting the switch on the PSU. The motherboard's CPU diagnostic LED is on, so I thought that i had fried my CPU...
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    Power Adapter not working?

    Hi! So my PC had a blue screen yesterday and today it will only start booting up and then stop. The fans start being loud and then it's super silent. Everything lights up and I've already tested pretty much everything else so maybe the power adapter is broken. Thing is this happened before and...
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    Solved PC powers on, displays power light but no battery light

    Hello! I have been having this problem for about a week now, ever since I set my old computer back up in my room. The problem started when I left my computer alone for a while when I went out (the computer was working fine and I had just finished transfering pictures to my computer from my...