power button

  1. ra11m

    Gaming PC Power button not starting

    System “clicks” on, fans try to spin or spin very briefly, and then powers itself off nearly immediately. Then at second attempt it works fine. So above behavior happen while trying power button multiple times. And now, power button is not starting at all. Although there light visible in mother...
  2. E

    Help with power

    My laptop has power as the light is on, obviously the plug also. Just no power at all? Thanks in advance!
  3. R

    Bios and the power button

    Tl;dr my pc got bricked during a windows 10 update. MoBo has no ports for monitors (x99a plus) and the gpu (despite running) is not sending pictures to my screen. This means I cannot tell where in the boot up sequence I am. My question: If it had failed to load into or out of the bios and I...
  4. E

    Lenovo Yoga 720 will not turn on

    This afternoon around 3, I shut my laptop to put it to sleep before a trip. It was contained in a laptop sleeve and was in my carry on and with me the whole time. Tonight when I got to the hotel and went to open it, it would not power up. When I plug in the charger, the light is solid white, so...
  5. H

    MACBook Air SMC Reser

    HI MY MACBOOK AIR IS HAVING ANNOYING ISSUES SUCH AS -loud fan -not working unless plugged in -specific keys not working -spinning beach ball I have done research and many say an SMC reset should fix all these problems but I am unable to do that as I require to use the shift and power key and...
  6. yo89999

    Solved My computer wont turn on

    Whenever i press the power but on my lenovo laptop it will not turn on (instead the power button just blinks as if it were in sleep mode). I have been charging it for over 24 hours. Whenever i pull out my charger cable, however, the light stops blinking. Any help?
  7. N

    PC failing to boot

    Hi i've been having an awful issue with my pc the last week or so and I can't find a solution. my pc is failing to even boot which is frustrating to be sure what the problem is. my pc sometimes shows it's recieving power by the led fans turning on but only for a second or less before shutting...
  8. L

    Toshiba laptop screen wont turn on, led's working

    Hi, im a realtive novice when it comes to conputers, i usually just use my laptop to run a few client games and some steam applications, nothing heavy. After attempting to alt tab out of a full screen application, my laptop seemingly crashed. After rebooting the laptop the led power indicator...
  9. S

    New power supply, Computer won't boot

    The other night my power supply died on me. I have been able to trouble shoot my computer before but I am kinda stuck not sure where to go. I installed a new thermtake 650watt power supply and ditched the old one. I believe I have installed all power cables correctly. After I hooked it all...
  10. A

    Tower Problem

    While using my PC my tower shut down my monitor is working and displays No Signal on it but the tower is off and the power button does nothing everything's plugged in and the electricity is working fine. What's wrong with it? It's a bought computer not made.
  11. M

    Hp power button

    Hi, I am looking for help with my power button issue. I have an hp notebook 15 touchscreen and the power button is not responsive. Ive charged it for a few hours and it still hasnt turned on yet. Any idea what may be the problem? (Yes it does show its charging, and yes I have tried removing the...
  12. D

    There is an orange light on motherboard and the power button

    I was changing the graphics card of my PC to a GTX Gefore 730. After I installed, a orange light on the motherboard came up when I plugged in the power cable. Now the power button doesn't work (nothing happens when I press it). What happened? Did i install the graphics card wrong or is the power...
  13. A

    Cleaned PC, it wont start now

    Hello all, Recently I cleaned the dust from my PC, removed PSU, CPU and GPU cleaned them all and in my expectation I reconnected them perfectly but after cleaning when I tried running it nothing happened not a even a single beep. I tried using a flat head screwdriver to short the power port on...
  14. B

    Windows 7 PC Not Turning On

    I have a Windows 7 PC, and since the last couple days it would not turn on everytime I press the power button on the front of the PC. I already tried restarting the PC many times, some with long periods between them. I checked the cables and wires also, as of none of them had any problems. The...
  15. C

    MSI laptop power button keeps turning blue then fading

    I don't know what's wrong with my laptop :( It's an MSI CX62 2QD if it helps. The laptop power button keeps turning blue then fading and the screen stays black no matter how many times i hit the power button. Before this happened, I was using the laptop and it was fine except for the laptop...